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On a ablaze January morning in northeastern Minnesota, Tom Clarke is continuing in able snow on the rim of a all-inclusive pit belted by besom and aspen. He’s cutting atramentous dress shoes, gray slacks, a fleet parka, and a tan from a vacation in Aruba. At his side, in red Adidas sneakers, is a British advance broker based in Dubai. They’re actuality because the aperture they’re gazing at holds some of the richest adamant ore deposits in North America. It hasn’t been mined, however, for added than 30 years, which is a afflicting antecedent of annoyance to the bodies of Minnesota’s Mesabi Adamant Range. Clarke has appear actuality to antidote that.

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“I see opportunity,” he says, bouncing a gloved duke at the pit. “Not aloof backer opportunity, but befalling for the community, for the country.” His eyes extends to the mural above the hole, a mining apparition boondocks of amateurish barrio and bags of animate beams larboard by the property’s antecedent owner, Indian activity amassed Essar All-around Fund Ltd. Clarke plucked the operations out of defalcation aftermost year. He intends to body the attenuate U.S. abundance that not alone excavates ore but additionally processes it into steelmaking ingredients.

Over the accomplished three years, Clarke and entities in which he’s an broker additionally accept acquired an adamant mining operation not far from the Essar site; broke atramentous mines in Alabama, West Virginia, and Canada; some adopted oil-and-gas assets; and a gold abundance in California. And he has bid, appropriately far unsuccessfully, on animate mills. “Our goal,” he says, invoking Andrew Carnegie, “is to try to adjust everything: Accept the atramentous mines and adamant ore mines be the aggregate centers for the animate mill.”

Unprocessed ore at the above Essar abundance near Nashwauk, Minn.

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

Sketching these admirable dreams—some ability alarm them grandiose—is a 62-year-old accountant who’s spent best of his able activity active nursing homes. He never set bottom on or in an complete abundance until 2014. His voicemail bulletin doesn’t advertence mining endeavors, alone the six nursing homes he operates as admiral of Kissito Healthcare Inc., based in Roanoke, Va. But he’s a hero to some in northeastern Minnesota, breadth bags of mining jobs accept abolished aback the backward 1970s. “He’s an absurd man and down-to-earth,” says Brett Skyles, ambassador of Itasca County, breadth the abundance is located. “You’d never apperceive that you aloof met a billionaire.”

It’s a abstruseness why anyone would jump into the grindingly difficult businesses of coal, iron, and steel, let alone Clarke, a charming, smile-a-minute, find-the-silver-lining man who is not a billionaire but does accept a accomplished that could accord some Minnesotans pause. He was accursed from one nursing-home chain, ran accession that went into bankruptcy, and doesn’t consistently pay his bills on time—including some incurred at his mines. Over a canteen of merlot at a auberge bar in Admirable Rapids, Minn., he blithely acknowledges attributable absorption and penalties on aback taxes dating to that 1999 bankruptcy. Consulting his phone, he says, “Today, the aggregate of money I owe the IRS is absolutely $1,835,831.02. I’m advantageous $54,000 a month.”

He looks and sounds like the amateur Bryan Cranston, admitting beneath Breaking Bad’s adamant Walter White than the abundantly hapless Hal Wilkerson of Malcolm in the Middle. In Minnesota he’s won over Governor Mark Dayton and added key politicians with promises of hundreds of jobs and millions of tax dollars. Now, to defended the rights to abundance the alone Essar site, he charge band up added than a half-billion dollars and some committed customers. It’s not bright that he’ll deliver, abnormally with Cleveland-Cliffs Inc., a behemothic battling that covets the Essar mine, accomplishing aggregate it can to stop him.

Luke Engel, a above abundance worker, anticipation about abrogation Itasca County; because of Clarke, he’s staying.

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

Locals are counting on Clarke. One is Luke Engel, a beefcake 26-year-old hunter, fisherman, hockey player, and unemployed abundance artisan whose father, grandfather, and bristles uncles were miners. Until backward 2016, Engel was active 100-ton trucks and bulldozers for Magnetation LLC, whose Minnesota operations extracted ore from decay rock.

“I was active the dream,” Engel says. Earning about $30 an hour, he bought a Harley and a auto and looked into affairs a house. Then, acknowledgment partly to a all-around animate glut, Magnetation filed for defalcation aegis and broke the bulb breadth Engel worked. He kept active with his parents and fabricated do with bartending and architecture jobs. He advised abrogation the breadth but is blockage now because Clarke bought Magnetation out of defalcation a few months afore accepting the Essar mine. Engel hopes to latch on at one or the other—assuming they anytime alpha up again. “The mining industry actuality is appealing abundant life,” he says. “I’m optimistic.”

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Throughout his career, Clarke has accepted accomplished at alluring bodies and money to his ventures. Afterwards 30 years in the elder-care industry, he charcoal admiral of Kissito, which manages a nursing home in Arizona and bristles in Virginia. “It’s a difficult business,” he says. “We got absolutely big, again we got small.”

It’s added complicated than that. In 1991, Clarke was accursed from his position as accomplished banking administrator of Berkshire Bloom Systems Inc., a bounded abettor of medical accessories in Massachusetts. The aggregation had accumulated up debt, and the accompaniment advocate accepted advised allegedly crooked intercompany transfers of $8.5 actor to aggrandize Berkshire’s nursing-home business. Berkshire agreed to strengthen its accumulated governance. Clarke says he wasn’t amenable for any irregularities and that, all in all, “it was a acceptable experience. I ability never accept been an administrator if I had stayed.”

Clarke and his wife at the time again founded nursing-home abettor Lenox Healthcare Inc. with a distinct home in Coconut Grove, Fla. To expand, he would alarm on ample health-care companies and action to booty money-losing nursing homes off their hands. But in 1999, by which point Lenox had added than 100 nursing homes, a change in Medicare reimbursements airtight the industry. Lenox was one of several nursing-home companies that filed for Chapter 11 defalcation protection. Clarke was larboard with beneath than 50 homes and a aggregate of IRS liens for contributed amount taxes. He says the abundant affair about this was experiencing the defalcation action up close, which would prove valuable.

Clarke and his wife, Linda, afar in 2004 afterwards 24 years of marriage. The breach was nasty, partly because Linda was additionally Clarke’s business partner. In a postdivorce lawsuit, she accused him of alive money amid accumulated entities he controlled to accumulate it from her. “Mr. Clarke has a history of not advantageous vendors,” one of his ex-wife’s filings says. “He manages to accumulate the companies activity from banknote flow, one aggregation consistently borrows from the added to break afloat.” Accession filing says Clarke’s companies owed vendors $1.5 actor and, “rather than assignment in acceptable acceptance to pay these vendors, Mr. Clarke afresh captivated a appointment at Disneyworld to the tune of $100,000, which comes on the heels of accession $100,000 appointment in Las Vegas in February.” Clarke says he was the one anxious about contributed vendors, and the conferences were basic to his company’s business. His ex-wife didn’t acknowledgment calls for this story.

In 2010 the above accomplished operating administrator of Kissito accused Clarke of advisedly creating dozens of entities in altered states to annul anyone who sued the company. In a bigmouth accusation alleging Clarke had overbilled Medicare, the above controlling additionally said Clarke “underinsures his accessories in adjustment to abstain advantageous any abeyant ample judgments or fines.” Clarke says he cooperated with an all-encompassing Department of Justice analysis and the government never accused him of wrongdoing.

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

Some odd detours led him to mining. He confused to Venezuela for the bigger allotment of a year and met Ana Velasquez, who would become his new wife and business partner. They confused to a acreage in the Blue Ridge Mountains abreast Roanoke and threw themselves into alms projects, including a health-care nonprofit in Africa and accession nonprofit that acquired a Virginia day-tripper allure alleged Natural Bridge, a aerial bedrock accomplished with a auberge and restaurant on the property.

Clarke adopted $9.1 actor from the accompaniment to buy Natural Bridge. Within 18 months he was abaft on his payments, and a architect was suing him for $1 actor in contributed bills. Clarke eventually paid the contractor. Virginia continued Clarke’s accommodation in acknowledgment for the state’s operating the ability as a accompaniment esplanade and eventually demography affairs of the bridge. At the time he said he anguish up abbreviate of funds because accepted donors didn’t appear through. “I booty abounding responsibility, but I was larboard at the altar,” he told the Roanoke Times.

Clarke says the experiences, decidedly in Africa, acicular his absorption in the environment. He took a attending at Southern Atramentous Corp., a mining affair in Roanoke endemic by Jim Justice, now governor of West Virginia. Afterwards investigating the company’s record, Clarke commissioned a advance that alleged it out as an arrant polluter. That got Southern Coal’s attention. Soon the advance was gone, and Clarke and Justice were talking. Clarke became an contributed adviser advising the aggregation on how to abode array of accompaniment and federal ecology violations at its mines.

The activity gave him a absurd idea: What if he bought a atramentous abundance and arranged atramentous sales with federal carbon credits accumulated by burying millions of trees? In theory, the credits would admonition buyers of his atramentous break beneath caps on carbon dioxide emissions. Clarke anticipation it could admonition both the ambiance and mining. In 2015 he formed ERP Compliant Fuels LLC (ERP for “earth apology project”) to buy two West Virginia mines out of bankruptcy. He recruited adept industry admiral to run them and went about to account companies peddling his coal-and-credits package. Nobody was interested.

Undaunted, Clarke kept affairs broke mines, mostly by advantageous pennies upfront while demography on debts and added liabilities. By 2017 he was a cogent broker in eight atramentous mines. The four in western Canada now apply added than 540 people, and three of those are bearing millions of bags of metallurgical coal, the being acclimated to accomplish steel. Prices for met coal, as it’s called, accept risen from about $100 a ton aback Clarke bought the Canada mines to added than $200 now. “That’s been our complete home run,” he says.

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Business isn’t as acceptable in West Virginia, breadth one abundance has been abeyant aback Clarke bought it. Accession afresh closed, demography with it 300 jobs, partly because Clarke’s timberline burying plan went nowhere. “Our acquaintance with Mr. Clarke has been absolutely arresting and disappointing,” says Phil Smith, a agent for the United Abundance Workers of America. The abutment stands to lose some or all of the $10 actor it invested to restart the now-closed mine. Smith says, “What was already a advertise abundance aloof a few years ago became an archetype of how fast a abundance can bore into busted aback its affairs loses interest.” Clarke says the abundance would accept broke in October 2015 if it weren’t for him. “It’s sad,” he says. “We were acquisitive things would be abundant different.”

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

A canteen of Domaine Ste. Michelle sparkling wine stands on a arenaceous shelf in the burghal anteroom of tiny Nashwauk, Minn. Then-Mayor Bob Fragnito bought it in the backward 1990s aback a aggregation alleged Minnesota Adamant & Animate appear affairs to body a mining operation on the adjacent Butler Taconite Abundance site, which had been alone aback the mid-1980s. Fragnito vowed to pop the aerated aback the new abundance operation produced its aboriginal pellets of the low-grade adamant ore alleged taconite.

Minnesota Adamant & Animate didn’t accomplish it, nor did a successor. Then, in 2008, two years afterwards Fragnito died, Essar Group came to the rescue. About 1,000 bodies showed up to watch then-Governor Tim Pawlenty attempt a advertise into the clay breadth the Indian activity behemoth vowed to absorb $1.6 billion amalgam a able operation that would catechumen ore into slabs of steel. Mark Mandich, a bounded politician, declared, “The day is assuredly here.”

It wasn’t. Essar’s Minnesota operation spent added than $1 billion afore sending architecture workers home and filing for Chapter 11 in 2016.

Clarke aboriginal showed up in Minnesota afterwards Magnetation filed for bankruptcy. He snagged the aggregation in aboriginal 2017 by able to pay about $55 million, a atom of the $700 actor it aggregate to body the facilities. Aftermost bounce the alone Essar assets went up for auction. Cleveland-Cliffs, with Governor Dayton’s actionable blessing, was accepted to prevail. Afterwards all, the 170-year-old aggregation was a accoutrement on the Adamant Range, employing Minnesotans for decades.

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

Then Clarke started evangelizing about how Essar and Magnetation could coin an adamant mining ability clashing any in the U.S. As categorical in a business plan submitted to federal defalcation cloister by his Minnesota banking entity, Chippewa Capital Ally LLC, Magnetation would bound resume operations, with boats loaded with taconite pellets bleared from its Indiana processing bulb to China. That would accumulation banknote to complete amateurish structures on the Essar site, breadth mining would activate as aboriginal as 2019.

One accessible accession is a 540-foot-tall accoutrement that resembles a rocket address and uses acute calefaction to catechumen ore into higher-value articles such as hot-briquetted iron, or HBI. By 2020, the plan said, Clarke’s Minnesota backdrop would be bearing 10 actor bags of candy ore a year, or a bit added than a fifth of the 46 actor bags produced in the U.S. aftermost year.

Don’t abatement for it, Cliffs told Minnesota. The aggregation was already suing Clarke over his abortion to pay in abounding for two mines it awash him in 2015. Accomplished Controlling Administrator Lourenco Goncalves apprenticed a mining appointment aftermost year not to accept to “false promises,” calling Clarke a “fly-by-night” operator. At accession conference, Goncalves said, “Tom Clarke is the walking eagle—too abounding of bits to fly.” Goncalves beneath to be interviewed for this story.

At the bargain aftermost April, Cliffs bid $75 million. Clarke offered $250 million, and the defalcation adjudicator called him the winner. But he still had hurdles to clear, because the accompaniment controls the mine’s mineral leases; no leases, no mining. Governor Dayton gave Clarke until Aug. 31 to appearance he could accession the hundreds of millions of dollars bare to complete the mine. Clarke absent that borderline and accession a ages later.

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One big problem: The U.S. Ecology Aegis Agency accepted the Magnetation bulb in Indiana fix austere deficiencies afore resuming operation—so the ability wouldn’t be breeding banknote to bootstrap Essar construction. The bulb still isn’t bearing taconite pellets.

Clarke maintained a baby architecture aggregation at Essar while lobbying Dayton and added admiral for added time. They’ve been forgiving. “We’re so accessible for this activity to get over the accomplishment line,” says Itasca Canton Commissioner Ben DeNucci. “We’re annoyed of cogent ‘poor me’ stories.” Dayton beneath to be interviewed.

Clarke additionally courted bounded contractors by advantageous them what Essar didn’t. “He capital to apprehend our stories,” says Derek Bostyancic, admiral of Northern Industrial Erectors Inc., which was out added than $19 actor afterwards Essar departed. He says Clarke’s dispersed mining accomplishments won’t amount if he hires acceptable bounded people. “If anybody’s activity to accomplish this go, it will be him.”

Bostyancic has acumen to believe. On Dec. 22, the day the Essar acreage formally emerged from bankruptcy, he was apprenticeship his adolescent son at a hockey amphitheatre aback a argument appeared on his cellphone. It was Clarke, adage he’d aloof active $10 million. “Merry Christmas,” Clarke wrote. Bostyancic had to leave the ice to aggregate his emotions.

That moment was fabricated accessible by John Oram, the angular Brit in sneakers who accompanied Clarke on the January bout of the Essar site. Oram is accomplished advance administrator of the DSA Group, with ally who administer added than $10 billion in investments in energy, technology, bloom care, and added businesses. A accompanying entity, Nubai All-around Advance Ltd., has invested $165 actor in the abundance and committed to putting in $85 actor more. Nubai owns 95 percent of the disinterestedness in the abundance vs. Clarke’s 3.75 percent and 1.25 percent captivated by accession Chippewa executive.

Oram lets Clarke do best of the talking while on a bout of the abundance with two reporters. He met Clarke through a alternate acquaintance and started alive with him aboriginal aftermost year. Clarke’s checky accomplished was allotment of what admiring Oram and his investors—especially his encounters with bankruptcy. Of Clarke’s role in the Lenox Chapter 11, Oram says, “It’s strange, he’s appreciably appreciative of it.” Clarke’s admonition was acute in abyssal the byzantine Essar bankruptcy, decidedly with alert bounded suppliers, contractors, and politicians. “We administer the funds. He aloof manages the relationships,” Oram says.

Unfinished accessories for the above Essar mine.

Photographer: Adrienne Grunwald for Bloomberg Businessweek

They accept a lot of assignment to do. They charge abutting on an added $600 actor in costs by June 30 or accident accident acute mineral leases controlled by the state. They additionally charge assurance up a accepted architect and barter committed to purchasing at atomic 4.2 actor bags of artefact a year.

In addition, Clarke charge authenticate that Chippewa has admission to the aggregate of the minerals at the Essar property. This is complicated because, as is generally the case with mines, the underground minerals are endemic by assorted entities—including Clarke’s nemesis, Cleveland-Cliffs. As Clarke and DSA were bringing the Essar assets out of defalcation in December, Cliffs said it had acquired from a third-party buyer adamant ore affluence throughout the Essar site. The aggregation erected “No Trespassing” signs and warned Clarke to break away. “Despite several adulterated attempts by others,” the aggregation said, “it is now the time for Cleveland-Cliffs to sit at the table with added amenable parties and advance a astute band-aid for this site.” Cliffs CEO Goncalves formed the point in a Feb. 1 accent in Eveleth, Minn., aggressive to booty his Minnesota business to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula if Cliffs is denied admission to Essar ore.

In aboriginal March, Clarke agilely finagled the acquirement of added Essar affluence endemic by yet accession third party. A color-coded map of the armpit assuming who owns what looks like a batt stitched by a drunk, with broadcast accoutrements acceptance to Clarke, Cliffs, and the state. Clarke says he and Cliffs are 50-50 ally in some places. Cliffs doesn’t see it that way. Accompanying action is pending. Some Minnesota politicians accept apprenticed the two to assignment together, but détente isn’t yet in sight.

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