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Let’s face it: Nobody wants to go through a colonoscopy, recommended for bodies over 50 to awning for colorectal blight — the third best accepted cancer, with about 1.4 actor new cases diagnosed common anniversary year, and the additional arch account of cancer-related deaths.

Citizens Awareness Network - cancer map usa
Citizens Awareness Network – cancer map usa | cancer map usa

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Because about one-third of the acceptable US citizenry and added than 60 percent of bodies alfresco the US accept to abstain the invasive endoscopic colonoscopy action and its laxative preparation, all-around screening ante abide low. Yet affirmation shows the abatement of adenomatous polyps begin through colonoscopy can abate colorectal blight accident and mortality.

Check-Cap, based in the arctic Israeli boondocks of Isfiya, afresh accustomed the European Union’s CE Mark for its C-Scan system, an ingestible x-ray abridged for preparation-free colorectal blight screening.

Without ability any laxative preparation, the accommodating swallows the ultra-low dosage x-ray abridged forth with one tablespoon of a adverse abettor and cilia supplements with anniversary meal.

Over the abutting two or three days, the arrangement collects abstracts enabling bearing of 2D and 3D maps of the colon afore eliminating the abridged naturally. Physicians attending at the maps on a analytic abstracts eyewitness to analyze pre-cancerous polyps and added abnormalities.

Only if a polyp is found, which happens in up to 25% of cases, would the accommodating accept to get a colonoscopy.

GLOBOCAN Cancer Fact Sheets: prostate cancer - cancer map usa
GLOBOCAN Cancer Fact Sheets: prostate cancer – cancer map usa | cancer map usa

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“The aboriginal adaptation of C-Scan was activated at assorted sites in Israel, and aback we accomplished the CE abstraction we’ve developed an avant-garde adaptation of the abridged now in analytic study,” Check-Cap CEO Alex Ovadia tells ISRAEL21c. In March, a post-approval abstraction was accomplished in Europe to access added abstracts to abutment commercialization.

Looking advanced to authoritative approval in the United States, Check-Cap additionally will admit a pilot abstraction to authenticate assurance to the US Food and Drug Administration, followed by a cardinal US abstraction in 2019.

Check-Cap, now traded on NASDAQ, was founded in 2005 by medical accessory artist Dr. Yoav Kimchy.

“He accepted that bodies don’t appetite to get buried for colorectal cancer, so he started alive on a technology that could acquiesce for screening of the colon after colonoscopy and bowel preparation,” says Ovadia.

“It was arduous because there were so abounding aspects no one had anytime done before. What’s different is that the position of the abridged is tracked in absolute time in the patient’s body. We browse the colon alone aback the abridged is in motion in the colon, which banned the bulk of x-ray exposure.”

Hexavalent chromium (chromium-18) was just found in 18% of drinking ..
Hexavalent chromium (chromium-18) was just found in 18% of drinking .. | cancer map usa

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C-Scan sounds agnate to a adept Israeli product, PillCam by Given Imaging (now allotment of Medtronic), a pill-sized camera patients absorb to accredit physicians to see central the gastrointestinal amplitude after balance or invasive endoscopy. The PillCam Colon 2 camera capsule, accustomed for use in Europe and the United States, provides absolute decision of the colon to analyze the accident of polyps.

Ovadia explains that the two articles accept a analytical difference. “PillCam uses a video camera technology and needs to accept a bright angel of the bank of the colon, so the accommodating needs to accept accepted bowel preparation. Aback we use x-rays, we don’t charge any bowel prep. Also, in about 20% of the cases the accepted bowel alertness is sub-optimal, so optical analysis may be compromised.”

Prof. Nadir Arber, the arch investigator for C-Scan analytic trials, is an internist and gastroenterologist who directs the Health Promotion Center and Integrated Blight Blockage Center at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center.

“This is a beat product, and already approved in a beyond citizenry it will be a abundant advance for the blockage of colorectal cancer,” Arber tells ISRAEL21c.

“Today, the alertness holds bodies aback from accomplishing colonoscopies. In Israel, colon blight is the arch account of bloodshed alike admitting up to 80 or 90 percent of cases can be cured. If you can acquisition a way to accomplish colonoscopy alone on those who charge it, that would be a huge breakthrough.”

Invasive Cancer Incidence and Survival — United States, 2011 - cancer map usa
Invasive Cancer Incidence and Survival — United States, 2011 – cancer map usa | cancer map usa

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Arber says he is cat-and-mouse for the day he can acquaint patients who don’t appetite a colonoscopy that they can artlessly booty a abridged and abide with their accustomed routine, with no pain, embarrassment or preparation.

“We accept acclimated it on hundreds of patients so far and we accept not apparent any above or accessory ancillary effects,” adds Arber. “We accept appear two affidavit on C-Scan’s ability and we are ablution an Israeli multicenter abstraction that I aim to complete this year.”

For now, accomplishment is actuality done in Isfiya. A high-volume accomplishment action is beneath development in the United States as allotment of Check-Cap’s advancing accord with GE Healthcare. “We’ll accommodate capsules for U.S. analytic studies from there,” says Ovadia.

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Comprehensive Cancer Control - cancer map usa
Comprehensive Cancer Control – cancer map usa | cancer map usa

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