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© Marques Brownlee on Twitter Aback he’s not reviewing tech on YouTube, Marques Brownlee is arena Ultimate Frisbee.

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He started authoritative tech assay videos aback he was 15. Now 24, he’s a YouTube powerhouse.

On this adventure of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, tech analyst Marques Brownlee talks about his YouTube channel, MKBHD. He started authoritative videos for fun in 2009 aback he was 15, but today he’s accomplishing able-bodied abundant to accept three full-time advisers alive for him.

You can apprehend some highlights from the annual actuality or accept to Recode Media on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Overcast or wherever you accept to podcasts.

Below, you’ll additionally acquisition a agilely edited archetype of the abounding episode.

Peter Kafka: This is Recode Media, with Peter Kafka. That is me, I am allotment of the Vox Media podcast network. I am at Vox Media address in to New York City, we accept a absolute appropriate guest. Afore we get to allocution to that bedfellow I appetence to ask you briefly to acquaint a acquaintance about this podcast. You are smart, you are alert to Recode podcasts so you apperceive how to acquaint a acquaintance about the Recode Media podcast. Thank you in beforehand for your help. How’s that plug, Marques?

Marques Brownlee: It’s appealing good, I enjoyed it.

My bedfellow actuality is Marques Brownlee. Bigger accepted to abounding bodies as …


MKBHD. And this is an absorbing litmus assay for array of your cultural technology/pop ability literacy. You either apperceive who Marques/MKBHD is and you anticipate he’s a behemothic effing accord or you’re aloof audition about him appropriate now for the aboriginal time.


Is that fair?

That’s fair.

That’s fair. So you’re a behemothic brilliant that abounding bodies accept not heard of.

Yeah. So there’s a lot of bodies who are actually acquainted of who I am or via addition else. I get that a lot area bodies will say, “Hey my kid knows you,” or, “My brother knows your videos,” or article like that.

You apperceive who said that to me today?


CEO of Vox Media, Jim Bankoff.

All right.

He’s gonna apprehension bottomward the aperture actuality for a selfie in a minute so he can affect his 12-year-old kid.


For the affiliation who are alert to this podcast who accept not heard of you before, what’s the best way to alarm you?

So I would be a YouTuber in the tech space. A lot of bodies say a reviewer, that’s a big allotment of what I do is assay accessories and devices, and allocution about what you should adjoin shouldn’t buy. But afresh addition big allotment of it is aloof talking tech and highlighting and showcasing it and aloof accepting fun with it. So it’s videos.

Your bona fides are, I’m adage you’re a big deal, but if you don’t accept me you could go to your YouTube page. How abounding subscribers do you accept there?

It should be six actor tomorrow.

Six actor bodies are accepting annual updates from you?

Yeah, article like that.

Your Twitter, what, three million?

Twitters I anticipate is 2.7 million.

I was rounding up for you.

Oh thanks. Yeah, Instagram is 1.X million. That’s about it.

But YouTube is your thing.

For sure

That’s area you accomplish your money, it’s area you do what you do.


You’ve been accomplishing it for how long?

So aboriginal video was 2009, January 2009. So it’ll be about 10 years in a bisected a year from now.

And I don’t apperceive if you could tell, alike if you see Marques you get a faculty of how old he is, but he’s not an old person.


How old are you marques?

I’m 24 now.

Oh, you’ve been accomplishing it for nine years?


So you started aback you were, I can do the algebraic …

Yeah, aback I was aloof a aerial schooler.



I appetence to allocution about that. And I still appetence to array of authorize how big a accord you are in this world, because I anticipate bodies are added accustomed with the abstraction that accessories and technology are a big accord in pop culture, a big accord on the internet. In the old canicule there were blogs like Engadget and Gizmodo, they’re still a big accord today. Acutely The Verge, our sister armpit over at Vox Media, is a big deal. But there’s this alpha crop of bodies like yourself, and I anticipate you’re the best arresting who’ve become array of the modern-day Walt Mossberg in a lot places — I say that as addition who formed with Walt Mossberg for a decade-plus.

One acceptable way of sussing that out is, I’m aggravating to remember, was it an Apple ad or Samsung ad, but I saw it aftermost abatement and he was assuming off the new buzz and they were highlighting absolute animadversion from agist people, so-and-so from The Verge, so-and-so from the Wall Artery Journal, and there was a adduce from Marques Brownlee.


It was on a civic TV ad. Was that iPhone?

There was a Samsung ad and added afresh a Google Pixel ad that both the …



So this is additionally a blemish with TV announcement if I bethink a allocation of the ad but not what the artefact was for.

Yeah, he apparently didn’t do his job.

Sounds like it. But I thought, “Who is Marques Brownlee?”


Samsung thinks I should apperceive who he is, because they are putting his name in advanced of a civic TV ad. Aback did you ability the “national TV ad, Marques Brownlee, no added identification required,” stage?

That, I’d say, is appealing recent.

That happened aftermost year for the aboriginal time?

That’s aural the aftermost year. That hadn’t happened in any way at all until 2017.

Are you walk-down-the-street famous?



So that’s the adorableness of the internet, is a lot of bodies who are on the internet best of the time aren’t in the artery best of the time. So I can aloof airing bottomward the artery and no one knows.

So you’re big with basement dwellers?


People in the dorms, bodies who don’t get out.


That’s not true.

I mean, so it gets … I’d say bodies ask usually, “How about do bodies admit you?” It’s usually at tech-dense things, events, CES-like conferences, things like that.

You’re alarmist famous.

Yeah. Afresh you apperceive it takes three abnormal afore I’m walking, bumping into the abutting person, but cipher on the way actuality and cipher on the way home.

Not until you stepped into Vox Media were you recognized.

Something like that, yeah.

This is a job for you, this is full-time, you accomplish a living, seems like a appropriate living.


Yeah, we’ll allocution about that in a minute. You started accomplishing this in aerial school? Junior high?

In aerial school, yeah.

In aerial school. Went to college, kept accomplishing it?


And afresh went pro anon afterwards college?


But you were accomplishing it … Aback did you alpha authoritative money authoritative YouTube videos?

It was aback in the canicule of what was alleged the YouTube Partner Program. I apperceive a brace bodies who were about YouTube afore that affairs existed, but it was alien and basically let bodies administer to become a YouTube Partner and breach acquirement with YouTube and put ads on the videos.

“Hey, we apprehension your authoritative a lot of videos on YouTube, we haven’t been giving you any of the money we’re authoritative from ads.”


“We’re gonna change that. We’re gonna accord you 45 percent.”

Right. And actually, there were no ads on new videos if you weren’t a affiliate of the program. So you become a member, that was maybe two to three years afterwards I started authoritative videos. So still appealing young.

So you’re accomplishing it for fun, for giggles.

Yeah. Absolutely.

What was your aboriginal video?

So there’s a brace of answers to that. My aboriginal video anytime was afore I did annihilation tech related, and I aloof uploaded a video of my golf beat aloof to see if anyone would appraisal it. You know, I was 14, attractive for some feedback, aloof uploaded that. That was the aboriginal two videos. My aboriginal tech video was the one I accord acclaim to in 2009, which is aback I unboxed this laptop, and the aboriginal video I did was aloof a video about the little alien that came in the PCI aperture of that laptop. That’s the aboriginal video of abounding that I fabricated about that machine.

I abhorrence to ask: What’s a PCI slot?

Oh yeah, it’s this little credit-card-size aperture in the bend of a big laptop, aback in the day.



I’m not accustomed with it.


I’ve got to attending it up.

Pretty old.

But I actually saw it. It’s amazing aback you see this video because you’re not an old actuality today, but you were actually a kid aback you were authoritative this video. Did your parents say, “Hey, we’re not air-conditioned adequate with the abstraction of our kid uploading videos to the internet?” Or did they bulk that’s what kids do in 2009?

So there was a little achievement afore area I uploaded videos on some added approach beneath a affected name, and they did accord me that talk. They were like, “Hey, be safe on the internet, don’t analyze yourself” or whatever. That all got deleted and afresh I afterwards fabricated my own name as my approach and aloof did the adverse of what they appropriate in that. So there was a aeon area I didn’t acquaint them about it and cipher actually knew about it, bodies at academy didn’t apperceive about it, I was aloof authoritative videos for fun. But afresh they did eventually acquisition that, and it angry out not to be that bad, I guess.

When did you apprehend that bodies were advantageous absorption to what you were doing?

Not necessarily what I was doing, but there was article that came to apperception area Safari, the browser for Windows, came out. The day that got accessible I fabricated a video about it and brief like 6,000 angle or something. It blew my apperception that bodies cared about software that much, the way I did.

So you’re putting it up because you aloof anticipation it was a fun affair to do?


And it didn’t action to you this would be article abroad addition would appetence to watch?

Right, so it was aloof a fun one of abounding videos I was authoritative that day. And it happened to pop.

And so do you bethink that was your beforehand that array of like got you a little bit aloft the noise, or no?

That was added of an eye opener for me that there was an admirers alfresco of the hundred subscribers I had that cared about appropriate information, so that was array of article that sorta steered me, in a way. But I anticipate there were a brace afterwards little credibility that were added acutely you alarm alpha assimilate the scene.


Or like added arresting than that.


There was the iPhone. I’m gonna bethink wrong, but I anticipate it’s the iPhone 6 awning assay afore the iPhone 6 came out. That one was …

And that was basically you saying, “I accept the bottle actuality that I anticipate they’re gonna accomplish the iPhone out of.”


Not confirmed, but, “This is what I accept is gonna work. Let’s see if I can blemish it.”


And that went air-conditioned viral.

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That was aback I had, I would say, added than a actor subscribers, and it anon anesthetized that in views. Anytime you get added angle on the video in a day than you accept subscribers to the channel, that’s a appealing acceptable assurance that bodies alfresco of the approach are seeing it and administration it and it’s kinda growing in that way, organically.

And that was still — you can acquaint me if you anticipate this is still happening, but it seems to that the huge appetence bodies had to apprentice about anniversary new buzz has maybe beneath over the aftermost few years as they’ve gotten array of added and added similar. And bodies … you know, no one’s actually accepting their apperception absolute with the iPhone X adjoin the iPhone 8.


Maybe you anticipate differently, but it seemed like for a while anniversary new iPhone, anybody paid an astronomic bulk of absorption to.

Yeah, as far as calibration goes it kinda seems like they’re advantageous added absorption now than they did before.


At atomic what I see in comments and there’s an absolute affiliation that’s actually agog about every distinct buzz that comes out.


And so of course, aback the new iPhone comes out they’ll watch it. So, year afterwards year that’s the …

So your numbers accumulate active up with anniversary new phone?

They do, yeah. And so I can say that’s annual my admirers is bigger, but a lot of the angle on my videos are search, and those numbers accumulate growing as able-bodied every year. So it seems to me like the appetence is actually still growing, alike if it’s not as one-by-one groundbreaking as this new iPhone.

Right, so blah technology journals like myself ability say, “I was on the buzz …”

Maybe, yeah, aloof a little bit.

“Saw it before, talking with emoji, fine.”


Did you do a abstracted affair with emoji?

It was in the assay …

In the review?

It wasn’t actually separate, yeah.

But your admirers is growing, either because there is an admirers of bodies who are added and added absorbed in the phones, or the bodies who are absorbed in phones are award you?


Either way it works for you.


That’s great. I appetence to allocution about your business and how you congenital it, but aboriginal I appetence to get to my business, which involves audition an ad from an advertiser. Be appropriate back.


I’m aback actuality with Marques Brownlee, additionally accepted as MKBHD, which stands for?

My initials, MKB, and HD is aerial definition.



Did you accept that at the beginning?

No, so that came from me absent to acquisition a way to added bound analyze myself at the alpha of videos. Basically I would alpha with this accomplished spiel, “Hey, what’s up guys, it’s Marques Brownlee actuality aback with addition high-definition video tutorial, and today were talking about blank.” And that was a little too much.

Let’s acceleration it up.

I capital some way to say like, “Hey acceptable back, I’ve fabricated added videos if you appetence to watch them, let’s allocution about the new thing.” And so I eventually had to accomplish a Twitter username, and Marques Brownlee is actually continued and adamantine to spell for a lot of people, so I aloof fabricated MKBHD, this name that you can acquisition above amusing channels.

Did you appetence to be addition who was acclaimed on YouTube, or did you appetence to be addition who was acclaimed for talking about technology, or are you aloof addition who cast technology and was arena about with YouTube and now you’re MKBHD?

I’d say it’s mostly the last. I was authoritative videos basically for fun until the end of college.

What was your appetite in aerial academy and college?

I capital to be in marketing, aloof because that little bit of video that I started to accomplish opened my eyes to the actuality that there was relationships amid companies and that awe-inspiring influencer word, but like that array of accord was absorbing to me.

So you had a faculty there was a business here?

Yeah. I kinda capital to be that business guy at that aggregation that helped allocution to YouTubers.

You capital to be the guy at Samsung who was extensive out to partners.



That awe-inspiring about-face role, I capital to be that guy. So that was for a while, that was like aerial school. I went to business school, afresh advised business and admonition systems, array of a mix of things. Didn’t necessarily accept a specific goal, because at that point I affectionate of already knew I wouldn’t charge to do that. But afresh it aloof got appealing accessible that I could do videos abounding time.

And so as you’re architecture this up and you’re saying, “All right, I’m gonna alpha reviewing tech, I’m gonna alpha assuming bodies how this actuality works,” and you say you’re not aloof carefully a reviewer, you anticipate it’s admonition generally, right?


Who were you cerebration about emulating, who were you attractive at or annual or cerebration about as you were architecture this up?

That’s a acceptable question. It’s a lot of altered things. There’s a lot of added YouTubers accurately that I watch, because I didn’t watch that abundant TV or that abounding movies. But as far as video style, I’d watched a lot of YouTube and got annual from there. And afresh as …

Which is a appealing beeline ahead, right?


It’s usually, you antic about a kid in a basement, right, but it’s not abundant added complex than that about aback addition is attractive asleep into the camera.


Often on their laptop.


Holding the affair up.

Yeah. Appealing straightforward. It feels like I’m added personal, me-talking-to-you thing, which is the idea, and afresh the absolute agreeable itself was aloof built-in from actuality I attending about and acquisition interesting. Which is actually advantageous for me, I think, because a lot of YouTubers in the continued run attempt with befitting their approach interesting, area I don’t accept that problem. I just, tech keeps itself interesting.

You don’t charge to arise up with a new sketch.

Yeah, exactly.

Or a new bit.

Yeah, so the admeasurement of that would be me award new interesting, accordant things to explain or to dive abysmal into, but for the best allotment if it’s apparatus focused, those accessories aloof accumulate advancing and I aloof appearance ’em to the camera and allocution about it.

So how does that assignment with the accessories accumulate coming? Or the abstract guy at Samsung is aggravating to ability you? He knows area to acquisition you? He sets you up with — he or she — with the new accessory on a around-the-clock basis? Do you charge to ask for it?

A little bit of both. So about I anticipate the approach is arresting enough, and we’re at a point in 2018 appealing abundant every aggregation recognizes, there’s eyeballs on YouTube if you appetence to ability them.


You gotta accept some array of accord and assignment with the creators. So that happens area they ability out to me, they’ll say, “We accept article that we appetence to share,” and it goes aback and alternating from there. But a lot of added times I’ll ability out to a aggregation that I wanna possibly assignment with and maybe do a behind-the-scenes of what they’re doing, or a added dive into their process, and they eventually arise about and see the eyeballs the way the added companies do.

It sounds like in some cases you bare to absorb some time acceptable bodies that aloof because you’re on YouTube doesn’t beggarly you shouldn’t be taken seriously.


Who is hardest to persuade?

I don’t accept any contempo stories, it’s added of the companies that are like, “How do we do this? How do we assignment with you?” Because there’s the actually approved and accurate ones who accept done this over and over, and if I’ve anytime accomplished out for article that’s not on their filigree of projects, afresh they apperceive actually how to handle it.


But article like what we did recently, aback they were air-conditioned accessible to assignment with, but Motorized Precision, which is a apprentice aggregation that does these cinema robots, they’ve never formed with a YouTuber before, never showed their behind-the-scenes, never showed their process, their software.

Is this the video that’s up appropriate now?

This is the latest video, about bristles canicule old, yeah. And so we came in and we formed with them and the accomplished process, they fabricated it accessible because they were accessible to assuredly assuming what they do. But I anticipate it formed out able-bodied because they’re so accessible to it.

So the acceptable apparatus reviewer, right, from Walt Mossberg, you accept your Times, now Verge, there’s array of an accustomed way that these things are done. X cardinal of weeks or months, sometimes, afore a artefact comes out. If it’s a cogent abundant product, they accord it to them in advance. There’s some affectionate of NDA, either assurance or not sign. You can’t allocution about this until day X?


But afresh you get to say whatever you want, and additionally we’re not advantageous you, right, there’s no …


There’s no quid pro quo. Works the aforementioned way for you? Or is any allotment of that different?

Yep, they’ve been afresh including added YouTubers as allotment of that press. It’s a little altered because a lot of it is written, so they affectionate of accept to board new things aback bodies are bringing cameras in.

Oh, you beggarly how the embargo allotment works?



Yeah, so you know, they’ll have, I guess, Samsung for example, you apperceive they’re advancing out with a new phone. They allure a agglomeration of press, they board YouTubers alternating with the blow of press. This happened with Tesla also, best of columnist is autograph things down.


So it can kinda be adamantine to additionally board a video assembly aloof bustling up and blow on the spot.

Because you appetence to get in the Tesla and appearance bodies what it looks like.

Yeah. So that’s article I anticipate added companies are alive on now than they anytime did. That’s article they had no focus on afore YouTubers were accomplishing this, but now that we are I’ve apparent some companies dive arch on into it and do actually well. Samsung had video lights and little mini sets in their little abode in New York.

So they congenital that for you? Do they amusement you as press? Do they amusement you as an influencer? Is there a difference?

I’d say they amusement us as press. Ability say because of my abode area I was one of the aboriginal YouTubers to get arrive and aloof kinda angled in alternating with the blow of columnist at a lot of these things, I got to beam how they assignment with press. And they basically accept aloof opened the aperture a little added and brought a brace added YouTubers, a brace added and advised us the aforementioned way. Which I anticipate is good.

Anyone action to pay you either anon or pay you to fly somewhere?

Usually not, I anticipate they’re appealing acceptable about, “Hey, we’ll awning your flight and auberge if we charge to accompany you to some alien place.”

And you’re accept with that?

And I’m air-conditioned with that, that’s great, but if it’s some array of a accessory assay or assay afresh that has to stop there.

And is that article you knew from the get-go, or you came about to that idea, or they’re accomplished on that idea?

It acquainted appropriate in the beginning, I wasn’t necessarily accomplishing any of it for the paid part. It was to get the device. The accessory is the best agitative part.


So if they could action the accessory that was added than abundant for me.

So you’re the accurate beatnik fan boy.


You wanna blow the stuff.


And that is a long-running attitude that goes aback abounding decades of bodies saying, “I aloof appetence to blow it!”

Yeah, so alike if they did action to pay I would say no, because that’s not what I’m accomplishing this for. I anticipate admission is about aloof as admired as any of that.



Spoken like a accurate media criticism professional. We wrote about a adaptation of this aftermost abatement aback the iPhone X came out.


Because we noticed that there were a agglomeration of bodies who were accomplishing official reviews, including my colleagues over at The Verge, and they were gonna arise out on I don’t apperceive Wednesday or Thursday.


And the day afore — not you I don’t think, but maybe I’ve got it wrong.


A agglomeration of added YouTube video bodies said, “Hey, we got the new iPhone X!”


“Here’s our first, our hands-on, we’re arena with it, here’s what it looks like.” And there was an absorbing altercation about that.


Why would Apple do that? Why are they are allure these people? What was your booty on that?

That was an absorbing … I had a lot of thoughts about that. About why, because I watched all the videos aback they came out and I array of observed, you know, things that backward the aforementioned amid all the videos, and afresh you apperceive they all had their altered voices.

It looks like they’ve been taken out to the architecture in SoHo.

Yeah, they all were in the aforementioned …


Yeah, all the aforementioned location.


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All the aforementioned talking points, all the aforementioned omissions, so you kinda get the abstraction that this is a cast video, that Apple is curating in a baby scale, and it feels like an agreement because it’s so new to them. But afresh they acutely accept accessible in the abutting beachcomber all the columnist and things they’re acclimated to alive with. But they’re affectionate of tweaking and arena with, alive with YouTubers and what they appetence to do with that. So I wouldn’t be afraid if they do it again, or do article a little altered this year.

Do you anticipate addition who’s watching you and added bodies accomplishing technology actuality on YouTube is new, that’s a new customer of technology? This is addition who is consistently absorbed in the new iPhone, the new Samsung, aloof afore they were attractive about, they were attractive it up on Engadget and above-mentioned to iPhones they were attractive at it on Popular Science.

Yeah. I’d say it’s two. It’s both. I about abstracted my admirers into two categories as far as aback they watch the videos. So bodies on Day One who are subscribed, who are into tech, who apprehend added reviews and watch added reviews, that watch it early. And afresh afterwards the half-life of that video, it’s bodies in chase who are added casual, aloof kinda about attractive to get a new device.

“I apperceive I’m absorbed in an iPhone. I’m apparently gonna go to the capital and get one.”


“But I’m gonna Google afore I go.”

“But I’ll aloof attending at it so I apperceive what to expect.” That’s the additional half.


The aboriginal bisected is growing, because the subscriber bulk is growing and bodies are absorbed now added than anytime and aloof actuality into tech, so that’s actually cool. But I anticipate the additional half, the chase added accidental half, as the belvedere grows is additionally growing, too.

One of the takeaways I got from Apple blame this actuality out via array of anarchistic agency aftermost year was — I’m abiding I’m burglary this abstraction from someone, apparently John Gruber — was that basically anybody who’s gonna buy an iPhone, who knows about iPhones, is gonna buy the iPhone, and they’re at the date area to move the aggravate they’ve got to ability a bigger audience. It’s alone array of ambiently acquainted that there’s an iPhone out there. And activity to YouTube personalities is allotment of that push.


Does that accomplish faculty to you?

Yeah, it’s affectionate of the way all brands accept to assignment with creators. If you fabricated a Venn diagram of the overlap of bodies who accept heard of the cast and bodies who accept heard of the YouTuber, it would overlap in the middle. And you’re aggravating to ability the bisected of bodies that you apperceive accept heard of the YouTuber, assurance them, are absorbed in what they accept to say, but haven’t heard of your brand. But additionally a big abundant overlap that it’s not actually foreign, that they be adequate talking about it. So you apperceive what I mean, it’s kinda like you’re extensive an added little bit of bodies who are about affiliated to you, but not yet.

Right. And I assumption if you were contemptuous about it, it’s a adequately bargain way for them to do it, right?

I’d say so.

Maybe they’re accoutrement airfare and auberge for the affiliation their bringing to New York?




If they can acquiesce it. Apparently not advantageous them abundant above that.


And they’re authoritative chargeless acquaintance for them.


Close to free. All appropriate so I’m accepting a acceptable business assignment actuality from Marques.


You got a bulk in this?

I accept a business degree, yeah, business.


That’s about it.

In absolute academy of activity as well. Marques, were gonna booty a quick bartering break.


To apprehend from a accounts sponsor, who may be one of your sponsors as well. Who knows? Let’s acquisition out.


And now we’re back. I’m additionally speaking afterpiece to the microphone, per my instructions.

Got it.

From my producer, Gold.

Am I acceptable still? I’m good?

Gold is giving her thumbs-up.

All right, I can’t apprehend them, so …

How does the business allotment of your business work?


Who pays you? How do you get paid?

Yeah, the capital way is through YouTube Ad Acquirement Split. So the ads that arise on the videos, those are actuality paid for by companies who appetence to ambition and put ads on YouTube. So if you’re a aggregation who wants to advertise a tech product, you put in all your Google Adwords you appetence to key in on assertive people. They watch a YouTube video, the ad ancestor up. It’s paid for, breach by YouTube, in the upload of the video.

The advertiser gives YouTube a dollar, YouTube keeps 55 cents, you get 45 cents.

Yeah, so that’s the capital way. A lot of times, added targeted ads pay more, so bigger companies that apperceive that there’s an exact admirers they appetence to adit in on, they’ll pay added for, you know, architecture products, for example, or tech products, or whatever cast they apperceive they can get to. But that fluctuates wildly, as I’m abiding you’ve heard, amid times of year and canicule of the anniversary and hours of the day and all kinds of actuality like that. So that’s aloof kinda the capital way.

And do you accept any ascendancy over what’s advancing in or what’s activity up on the page? Or you accomplish a video, they put ads adjoin it, you’re kinda done.

Basically, yeah, there’s a brace altered accessory tweaks area if you accept a video, it’s basically on or off, my control. But if you accept a video over 10 annual continued you can accredit mid-roll ads, for example.


If you wanna accept one in the boilerplate of the video. I can about-face on or off pre-rolls, I can acquiesce assertive types of click-through pre-rolls, but as far as who’s announcement or what ad it is, I accept no control.

And are you accomplishing any branded actuality aural the videos? Anyone advantageous you to authority up a can of Pepsi or whatever?

Yeah, that’s the additional part, area it’s like you accept to go out as a YouTuber or architect and assignment on your own connections, and your own additional added adapted assets stream. So I accept formed with companies that appetence to do either artefact adjustment or showcasing their artefact in a video area it wouldn’t’ve commonly appeared, which is appealing air-conditioned if they’re accommodating to do that.

Do you acquaint the viewer?


“Hey, this is sponsored by Lenovo.”


“And here’s the new Lenovo whatever.”

Yeah. And alike aback it’s aloof the accessory is provided by the company, I still acknowledge that, alike admitting it shouldn’t actually accept an effect. But yeah, any time there’s a paid promotion, that’s consistently disclosed.

And so if you’re accomplishing Lenovo or HP or whomever, is that a standalone video or is that an ad aural the video?

It depends. It’s been both.


I’ve formed with a brace companies that accept done, I think, alert anytime an absolute video aloof about one thing. And a brace added times it’s been one of bristles things in like a Dope Tech video or a Top Bristles or article like that area it’s showed up as paid promotion. But for the best it’s artefact placement.

So abutting to three actor YouTube viewers, you’re authoritative a YouTube video a week?

It’s apparently two a week.

Generates how abounding angle on average?

It’s about a actor every video.

A actor every time you do a video, and all that translates into what to you in agreement of absolute acquirement to you?

That would be, like, area is it advancing from?

How abundant you accomplish in anniversary year?

Oh man, I don’t appetence to say that, but …

Give me a ballpark.

Let me see, it’s six figures.

Yeah, I apprehend a Ringer contour a brace years ago.


It estimated you at bisected a actor dollars.

Oh yeah, so estimates are awe-inspiring annual they’re like, I don’t apperceive if it’s a statistical net they’re casting, but it’s about amid 10 percent and a 1000 percent of what I make, so they affectionate of aloof …

It’s in the ballpark.

Yeah, that’s the ballpark, for sure.

But it’s a active for you, it’s what you do abounding time. You accept advisers now as well?

Yeah. It’s been a brace years aback I’ve had to abstracted the claimed ancillary of it and the business ancillary of it aloof for logistcal business and tax reasons. So I pay myself a baby bulk from the business, but about all of it goes aback into the business, whether its advantageous employees, or equipment. You should’ve apparent the boxes I took out that I got from FedEx today. That’s a appealing connected evolution, the flat space, etc.

How abounding advisers do you have?

It’s three now.

Three full-time employees?


Plus yourself?

Plus myself.

That is a air-conditioned baby business.


Making YouTube videos.


I acclimated to address about YouTube videos a lot and the accepted affair was bodies who are authoritative the videos or bodies who are employing the bodies to accomplish the videos were black with the money they were accepting from YouTube.


From advertising.


Constant aback and alternating about whether the breach should be different, whether YouTube should do a bigger job of selling. Seems like we don’t apprehend that abundant about that these days, I anticipate partly because Facebook pays zero.


For the best part, and additionally maybe the bodies who are authoritative YouTube videos are array of added adequate with what the accord is?

I anticipate we’ve gotten use to it, and additionally the abstraction that you accept to booty some array of ascendancy over it. So there’s added means to do that now, whether it’s diversifying in video advance or with merch or with — I was gonna say article abroad that I forgot — or sponsorships. Bodies do that all the time in videos or … PayTran, that’s what I was activity to say. There’s added means to accept the admirers anon abutment you, alike if it’s not through YouTube.

And this what … By the way, Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, or Robert Kyncl, any of those bodies would say as well, which is, “We’re gonna do our best to accomplish money for you, but we will additionally appetence you to go acquisition added opportunities.”


“And we’re accomplished with that, and we’re not gonna try to booty a allotment of that ourselves.”

Yeah. So they animate that and I anticipate a lot of bodies are acute about that now that we’ve been accomplishing it for a while. We’ve had time to body that up, so there’s beneath of an alibi to await actually on what YouTube provides.


It would still be nice for that to be constant for people.

And afresh there was a adventure at the alpha of the year, it was aloof abominably echoed because of the cutting at YouTube, about demonetization and baby creators actuality agitated that they were cut out. Acutely doesn’t administer to you, because you’re a behemothic YouTube star. Do you accept any empathy, accord for bodies who anticipation they were gonna accomplish a lot of money from YouTube and can’t now?

Yeah. I accept had about no botheration with demonetization, I say about no because I had one video, my iPhone X review. That for some acumen there was a bug on YouTube area every video with iPhone 10 or the X in the appellation got demonetized for a brace hours. Not a big deal.

But it’s still barbarous for …

Still strange.

For a brace hours right?

Yeah, I mean, the affair is it was like a anniversary afterwards I uploaded it, so it about didn’t bulk at all.

Okay, because all the examination happens in the aboriginal week.

Yeah. Best of the angle had happened already, but it was aloof a accidental bug I noticed. But my videos are PG, they’re tech videos, no one has any botheration with them, so I haven’t had that problem. But I do, yeah, feel accord for bodies who had been authoritative x bulk and now accomplish 40 percent of x bulk suddenly. And don’t accept that assortment of assets to abatement aback on.

We were active off the added platforms you’re on — Twitter, Instagram, you didn’t say Facebook. There was a aeon area anybody was actually absorbed with how Facebook was gonna access their business. Did you absorb any time with them?

Yeah, I’ve formed with Facebook a little bit. Experimented actuality and there, altered means of accomplishing it. I kinda aloof abide there now, I don’t actually focus on it.

I would anticipate if I was Facebook, or any platform, I’d say, “Oh, Marques is actually the affectionate of actuality I would appetence to arise assignment with me.”

You would think.

“I’m gonna try and pay him to arise abroad from YouTube or actualize agreeable for me.” Snapchat, aforementioned thing. Seems like that didn’t happen?

No, and I accept heard actually that that’s what they’re accomplishing with some creators area they are, you know, aggravating to accompany them into that belvedere and they’re aggravating to bolster up Facebook Video. But Facebook Video additionally kinda has a acceptability already.


As array of a second-rate … 99 percent of what shows up on my Facebook augment that’s video is baseborn from YouTube, which is appealing asperous already, and that aftermost 1 percent is aloof like accidental videos from my friends. Which is apparently what you appetence to see as far as video. But what Facebook wants is apparently abundant added than that. So it’s gonna be boxy for them to abbey aboriginal content. If anyone wants to put their aboriginal agreeable on any belvedere it would be the bigger platform, and that’s not Facebook. So it’s gonna be adamantine for them.

It’s actually absorbing because alike aftermost year, I think, 12 months ago, bodies said, “Well, acutely Facebook is gonna bang-up this, its aloof a bulk of time.”

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You’re advancing up absolute bound and they could array of apprehend the arrest brakes on that business.

Yeah, bodies ask all the time about, you know, “What do you do aback YouTube’s gone?” And I’d say, the catechism I consistently ask is if I wanna go watch iPhone reviews or whatever tech video, area am I gonna go? I’m gonna go to YouTube, that’s the acknowledgment in 2018. And it’s been the acknowledgment every year for the aftermost x years and apparently will be in the accountable future. If I anytime see that acknowledgment alpha to change, like, “I wanna go see a video, I’m gonna go to this site,” afresh it gets interesting. But I anticipate it’s a continued way off.

What do you absorb aback you’re not watching videos of yourself or added tech YouTube folks?

I watch a lot of YouTube.

Is YouTube your capital screen?

Absolutely, yeah.

Yeah, added than movies, added than TV?

For sure. Alone movies I watch are on the plane. And alone TV I watch is some sports TV, and I watch like real-time TV. But that’s not actually absolute consistent.

So you are either authoritative a acceptable allocation of this admirers alert to this aloof cringe.


Or they’re auspicious because that’s the admirers they appetence to reach.

Yeah, I was never actually a bond cutter, because I never actually had a bond to cut in aboriginal place. So yeah, it’s actually a lot of YouTube, there’s a lot of shows on YouTube now that I watch.

Do you anticipate you’re an outlier, that you accept about an actually YouTube array of media consumption?

I anticipate so.


Even a lot of my accompany that are my age are watching Netflix shows, for example, or Hulu shows or things …

So you’re hardcore, you don’t alike accept allowance from Netflix in your life.

I accept an account, and I don’t use it.

Oh no!

There’s the “Game of Thrones” bodies and all these shows that I aloof apperceive about but I’ve never watched.


But yeah, that’s about it. I’m mostly a YouTube person.

And also, you accept a additional life.


Ultimate Frisbee.

That is true.

You’re a able Ultimate Frisbee player, I’ve apprehend that a brace times bottomward there.

That’s correct.

Just because you afresh entered as, doesn’t beggarly it’s true.

It’s true.

Professional acceptation you get paid to comedy Ultimate Frisbee?


That’s crazy!

But it’s true. Yeah.

Who pays you?

There’s the league, you’ve apparently heard of the NBA, the basketball association, the NHL, the MLS.

Familiar with it.

So there’s article alleged the AUDL, the American Ultimate Disc League. And big time, like there’s bristles capacity I think, I ability be amiss on that but there’s a accomplished east analysis with Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal and D.C. We comedy up and bottomward this alley trip. Our home opener is April 14th, if anyone wants to know.

Where would they see you play?

So I’m arena for New York Empire this season, and our amphitheater is in New Rochelle, New York. So that’s appealing awesome, it acclimated to be added bottomward in Ramas Island, New York, but that’s area we’re at now. That’s area our home opener is, it’ll be adjoin Toronto, but it’ll be like every weekend for the abutting like four months you’ll be able to see AUDL.

Does your Ultimate Frisbee — it sounds like I’m bedlam at you but I’m aloof bedlam because I anticipate it’s funny — does your ultimate Frisbee career cut into video making? Will you abate your achievement for those four or bristles months?

Yes, I would say, but it’s acceptable that it does. I anticipate if I spent seven canicule a anniversary on video like I appetence to, I would apparently go batty afterwards a while.

So this armament you to go outdoors.

Yes, this is my unplug, this is my brainy breach from all the focus. I mean, I still attending at YouTube, obviously, but this is my breach from that. Afterwards the pro division ends there’s a club season, there’s winter training, it’s affectionate of an every-weekend thing. But yeah, actually takes abroad a little bit from the full-time YouTube grind.

That sounds abundant and additionally healthy. My brother managed to breach a acceptable allocation of his aback arena Ultimate once, and they said it’s absurd to breach your aback this way unless you’re in a motorcycle blow is the alone affair that should do it.


So be careful.


Let’s end this on an up note.


Offer some admonition to bodies who would like to become behemothic YouTube stars. You started aback you were 15, you’re 24, you’re a behemothic YouTube star.


Can’t be that hard, right?

Oh my God. So I acquisition myself in this position all the time area I’m asked to accord admonition on accomplishing what I’ve done, but the barrier to access to accomplishing what I do now is huge compared to what it was 10 years ago aback I started.

Because there are so abounding of you.

There’s a massive aggregate of it, alike the assembly akin of like a basal tech YouTube video, if you watch a tech video from like a boyish kid in his bedchamber now, it’s amazing compared to what I fabricated nine years ago.

Because he’s got bigger equipment, he actually knows how to use it.

Just because the camera in your buzz is incredible.


And aloof the little bit of ability about iMovie and lighting, and you can accomplish article crazily great. So the barrier to access is mainly in your own head. I get a lot of questions like, “What camera should I buy to alpha authoritative YouTube, what this, what that should I buy so that I can accomplish YouTube videos?” Because that’s what they see is this production. So my acknowledgment to that is aloof booty what you accept and aloof alpha now, because if you don’t adore aloof authoritative videos with what you have, you’re not gonna adore the action of aggravating to body article up in five-six years.

This sounds like actually the aforementioned admonition you accord to addition who’s activity into writing.


Or acting, which is, “Do it.”

Yeah, aloof get into it, get your anxiety wet, get your easily dirty.

Okay, so I arise aback to you I say, “Marques, I’ve been accomplishing it.”


“I’ve been authoritative videos in my Mom’s basement.”

Here it comes.

“Now what?”

Yeah, usually you do that and you aloof accomplish what you’re amorous about and achievement that addition eventually watches. But that’s not affirmed to happen. And you aloof kinda accept to accumulate going. Like a lot of times you can focus on, you know, marketing, you can apprentice about SEO, and you can body up appellation access and thumbnails and things like that. And there are tips to try to get added people.

I’m attractive at Zach, our business guy. Are you demography notes?

There’s little things you can do to get bodies to watch your videos more, but none of it will accomplish as desperate of a aberration as the video itself. The video itself has to be what makes bodies watch it and allotment it and watch it again.

Do you anticipate there are bodies authoritative amazing videos that are aloof admiring in the billions of hours of YouTube video uploaded anniversary day?

Yeah, absolutely, and I adulation award that and administration it.

So you anticipate it’s not aloof accomplish it and you can accomplish article that’s absolutely abundant and addition may never see it.


Just because there’s that abundant aggregate out in YouTube.

That’s what YouTube in 2018 is appropriate now. There’s so abounding hours and so abounding eyeballs, but still the bulk of how abounding hundreds of hours uploaded every minute to YouTube, it could be absurd and never be seen.

There was a aggregation I was alive with afresh that did car videos. They happened to assignment at a dealership that had McLarens, Maseratis, Porches at their disposal. Apparently a 100 actor dollars of cars in a barn the admeasurement of, like, the arena attic of this building, and they fabricated absurd videos with them. Passion projects, you know, actually well-lit, best gear, and you could acquaint they actually admired and enjoyed what they were doing. And I came above this channel, hundreds of videos later, and it’s, you know, 1,000 subscribers, and I was like, “There’s no way alone 1,000 bodies should be watching these.” And so I started alive with them and administration their stuff. I adulation award that and administration it.

So you can now become a distributor/curator of added people’s stuff.

In a way, yeah.

Is that a business for you? Or is it aloof a affair you like to do?

Well, it’s allotment of it. I anticipate my personality has become its own cast in a awe-inspiring way, so the blazon of actuality I’m absorbed in — I adulation high-quality video, I adulation acceptable production, I adulation electric cars. You’ll see me administration things about that all the time, so if I arise above article in that cast that’s actually cool, I’m gonna allotment that.

I mean, is addition advantageous you to advance their stuff?


No, not yet.


You are a … You accept three added employees, but you’re a one-man aggregation right?


You are the brand, you’re the face.


You’re 24.


So you’ve got a lot of time to anticipate about this, but what happens aback you adjudge you don’t appetence to be on camera every day, or maybe you don’t attending as good?


And you’re a fine-looking man now.

Fer sure.

But maybe you won’t be bottomward the line, how do you anticipate about crumbling out? Or affective abroad from you actuality the abandoned face of this?

Yeah, so that’s article I haven’t actually anticipation about. Up until recently, alike my extreme anticipation — and I’ve been interviewed afore by bodies allurement area do you see yourself in five, eight, twelve years?

That’s a impaired question, area do you see yourself in bristles years?

I accept no acknowledgment to that.


All I anticipate about is a abutting video and authoritative it as acceptable as accessible and afresh the abutting video. So until afresh that’s all it was, and now I’m kinda added cerebration about like one or two years from now as this aggregation grows, and how this aggregation activating works, and I’ve never been a bang-up before. So it’s affectionate of a new position to acquisition myself in.

Because you’re 24.



So I’m aggravating to get bigger at that, aggravating to be added efficient, aggravating to accomplish added better, but I still don’t accept a 30-years-from-now plan necessarily. My ambition is aloof kinda to accomplish this as acceptable as possible.

All right, don’t delay 30 years. Can we analysis aback in a while?


See how it’s going?

Yeah, hopefully bigger than it is now. Yeah.

It’s activity abundant now, what are you talking about?

It is activity appealing well.

Glad to hear.

But if you saw the abaft the scenes.

Oh no, looks accomplished to me.

You ability accomplish a few suggestions.

Marques Brownlee, MKBHD, you are great. Thank you for coming.

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