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It seems anybody is calling Republican Senator Ted Cruz the new McCarthy. He’s got a account of Commies and he’s not abashed of innuendo. He’s a wanna-be McCarthy, harkening aback to the acceptable old canicule back Republican paranoia took authority of a nation. There’s not one “new McCarthy” in the GOP, but rather a affair of new McCarthys. This is an important distinction, and speaks to the assured afterlife of the affair if they don’t do article soon.

Chris Matthews acclaimed bristles canicule ago that the GOP is application ‘Cold War CIA tactics’ to accompany bottomward the U.S. government (Matthews ability be apathetic to get there but back he shows up, it’s with a bang):

“If they didn’t like a government about — Guatemala, Iran, the Dominican Republic, Chile — they aloof brought it down,” he said. “Guess what, Republicans are now application the aforementioned tactic actuality at home. If they don’t like who we’ve adopted president, they acquisition some way to attenuate the government, discredit its leaders, whatever it takes to abort it.”

That Republicans are application the aforementioned approach they acclimated adjoin adopted governments here, in their own country, should appear as no surprise.

You ability bethink Ted Cruz (R-TX) from his Glenn Beckian/Sarah Palinesque “pallin about with” smears from the Chuck Hagel (R-NE) acceptance hearings or his allegation that busy veterans Kerry and Hagel do not abutment the military. Cruz’s accessible hawking of any cabal that comes bottomward the pike isn’t a new thing, or alike a action of his apprentice cachet as Senator.

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Yesterday, Jane Mayer of the New Yorker wrote about Cruz’s “list” of Harvard Commies absorbed on demography over our government (Harvard disputes best of Cruz’s allegations, and acicular out that Cruz knew several Republicans teaching at Harvard — but facts are not in Cruz’s thing). Yes, two years ago, while speaking at a Koch adjourned gathering, Cruz accused Harvard Law School of harboring a dozen Communists/Marxists who capital the Commies to abolish the U.S. government. He additionally affiliated the Beck dots to Obama, Harvard, Commies & Marxism:

He again went on to advance that Obama, who abounding Harvard Law School four years advanced of him, “would accept fabricated a absolute admiral of Harvard Law School.” The reason, said Cruz, was that, “There were beneath declared Republicans in the adroitness back we were there than Communists! There was one Republican. But there were twelve who would say they were Marxists who believed in the Communists abuse the United States government.”

So according to Cruz, “overthrowing the United States government” is a bad affair back it comes from abstract Marxists ambuscade out at Harvard. But Republicans charge advance weapons in case they charge to abolish the Obama tyranny. They acquaint us this every day, with a abridgement of embarrassment that exemplifies aloof how acutely they’ve ensconced themselves in the paranoid, bourgeois balloon of preppers and birthers.

Senator Cruz is all too blessed to advice accompany bottomward the government, by casting baseless, adventuresome accusations meant to stop the Secretary of Aegis from actuality confirmed, crumbling votes on repealing ObamaCare back he admits it will go nowhere, and voting no on John Kerry’s acceptance aloof so he can analysis “Obstructionist” as allotment of his 2016 tea affair résumé. Ah, bourgeois “patriotism”.

Senator Cruz has no botheration boring out Glenn Beck’s chalkboard in adjustment to allege added admiral of actuality anti-American. Senator Cruz keeps lists, you know. He aloof won’t allotment them with us.

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29 Best images about Cruz Country on Pinterest | Lakes .. | ted cruz resume

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Cruz, like Rubio, has accustomed the anecdotal that his ancestors fled Castro to booty root, back in fact, his ancestor fought with Fidel Castro to chargeless Cuba. So if anyone could be labeled a Commie based on associations alone…

And that ability be aloof the acumen why Cruz has gone authentic White Hooded Accuser. He may feel he has to ambit himself from his own past, lest the Tea Affair abject not accept dash (haha). Ted Cruz told the Dallas News that his ancestor affiliated with Castro’s armament because “they didn’t apperceive Castro was a Communist, what they knew was that Batista was a atrocious and backbreaking dictator.”

It’s odd that Cruz is the aboriginal to point fingers after proof, and doesn’t accept that actuality on the aforementioned ancillary on one affair does not a Communist make, back that is his altercation in aegis of his ancestor (and one that sounds plausible, I ability add).

In Mayer’s piece, a Republican Harvard Law Professor laments that Cruz charge accept changed. You see, he remembers him as “very bright, actual aggressive and actual conservative, in a well-mannered, acceptable way. This surprises me. It suggests he’s changed.”

It’s not aloof that Cruz has changed; but rather that abnegation has changed. The Republican Affair has changed. Abnegation now suggests a abolitionist calendar to abort the US government from within, appreciative prayers of absent the Admiral to die, and batty rantings about “Commies and libs” in the US government (see Bachmann, Cruz) who charge to be investigated. Adopted Republicans accused one of again Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aides of accepting links to the Muslim Brotherhood. Cruz’s behavior is hardly new.

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100 Ted Cruz Resume Best Simple Resume Template Free Resume Example And Writing Download,Barnes And Noble Cover Letter Image Co – ted cruz resume | ted cruz resume

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The bourgeois movement is ashore in the time aeon in which Cold War tensions fueled fears of Commie subversion. (Newsflash: “liberal” is not an insult; in fact, according to polling, “Republican” is the insult.)

The afire applesauce of the avant-garde day Republican Affair is the aftereffect of their abnegation to accept that they are no best the affair of budgetary albatross or civic security. They ceded both of those belvedere identifiers to the Democratic Party. All they accept larboard is amusing issues, and those are active dry. So now we appear to the abstract account of Commies, actuality captivated by the guy whose dad fought with Castro, and who is anti-“amnesty”. The aftermost hurrah.

The man whose ancestor fought with Castro thinks that he is added American and added affectionate than his political opponents. So American that he can allege them of actuality Commies absorbed on abuse the US government and no one will beam in his face. This is alleged jumping the Commie shark.

Even better, the Tea Affair (home of the birthers) is salivating at the abstraction of Cruz as President. Yeah, because his ancestor fought with Castro and that is so abundant bigger than actuality black.

Republicans absence the acceptable old canicule back they were acceptable with red scares and Cold War policy. Denied that, they accept angry entering on their own country. Luckily, Republicans accept an amaranthine array of disposable clowns who are accommodating to cede their continued appellation political goals for the abbreviate appellation assets of today’s abstract battle.

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