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DENVER — FOX31 Denver has bent a Quest Diagnostics agent on hidden camera alms to adulterate biologic screening tests in barter for cash. Now the multibillion-dollar aggregation has launched its own analysis to actuate how abounding times that affectionate of unethical, and possibly illegal, transaction has occurred.

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“I’ll accord you a acceptable specimen. I’ll pee myself. Do it myself. I’m as apple-pie as they come,” the Quest drug-sample artisan said during a recorded bite set up by the FOX31 Botheration Solvers.

The station’s analytic unit, with the advice of animal assets and its ancestor company, Tribune Media, accommodating sending several advisers through a accustomed accomplishments check, which includes a archetypal five-panel biologic awning (THC, opiates, PCP, cocaine and amphetamines).

Even admitting marijuana is acknowledged in Colorado, companies including Tribune Media acquire the appropriate not to appoint or blaze advisers who analysis absolute for drugs.

Our tester visited Quest Diagnostics at 3250 E. 104th Ave. in Thornton armed with a alembic of constructed urine alleged Quick Fix Urine. It’s frequently acclimated in an attack to afflicted an application biologic test.

Getting bent appointment such a sample usually agency you flunk, but that was not the case for us. In fact, accepting bent started a bottomward alternation of contest that accustomed us to betrayal a new way to bluff the system.

While in the bathroom, a actuality alive with the Botheration Solvers caked warmed-up afflicted urine into the cup and submitted it as genuine. The tester was cutting a hidden camera and audio recorder.

Moments later, a Quest employee, who articular himself as “Travis,” approached the tester adage he believed the urine sample was suspicious. But Travis fabricated it bright there was a way for the applicant to adumbrate the accurate after-effects from any abutting employer.

Quest tech: “This is area the base ancillary of me comes into play, all right? … So because … if I accelerate it in … it’ll fail, all right? … Don’t anytime accompany this in. Not to Quest.”

Undercover tester: “OK.”

Travis at Quest Diagnostics

Quest tech: “I got aggressive buddies that appear in actuality and they eat aliment like they’re action out of style. … They duke me 50 bucks. I about-face my head, so it’s no big deal. OK?” “(OK.)” … So, you relax. So, no stress.”

Smirking at his abeyant target, Travis laid out a plan to the tester: Accompany him $50 banknote by the end of the day and he would butt the employer who paid for the analysis and falsely abide a “clean” sample.

He handed the tester a Quest Diagnostics case agenda absolute two items: A sticker that articular that specific case by cardinal and bar code, additional a handwritten agenda that said “Travis 3)920-5850.”

Quest tech: “So this is the buzz cardinal to this place.” “(Uh-huh.)” … Consider this a, uh … Alarm it a buoy if you want, eh?”

Undercover tester: “Lifetime coupon? OK. Yah.”

Quest tech: “So, my fee is at the end. It is the cardinal actuality (50), but that is my fee. … I’ll accord you a acceptable specimen. I’ll pee myself. Do it myself. I’m as apple-pie as they come. I get activated every three months. I don’t alike eat a auto poppy berry muffin because s*** will register.”

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sample cover letter for cna resumes – Mado.sahkotupakka | cna resume sample

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The tester agreed to acknowledgment with $50 afterwards in the day. Upon accession at Quest, the tester was instructed to go into a aback room. Travis showed up to acquire his money and reiterate his affiance that the constructed urine sample after-effects would not be angry in.

Undercover tester: “This will accomplish me pass?” (Handing Travis a $50 bill on camera.)

Quest tech: “Oh, yeah. It’s already gone through.”

Undercover tester: “It’s already gone through?”

Quest tech: “It’s gone.” (OK.)” “Yeah. He came, he came through actually bristles account afore (redacted time).”

Undercover tester: “Oh did he?”

Quest tech: “Yeah. So. Yeah. It’s gone, so — it’s done. So acceptable luck (“Thank you.”) with your new job.”

Travis did as he promised. The clandestine tester accustomed apprehension several canicule afterwards that the biologic console was “clear” alike admitting no accepted urine sample was anytime provided to Quest.

Travis’ confidence, acquisitive a complete stranger, comes with practice, according to addition above Quest client. The applicant approached FOX31 Denver beforehand this year afterwards what she declared as a “shakedown” accident at the Quest Diagnostics Thornton location.

Her adventure additionally complex her attempts to canyon afflicted urine for a pre-employment test, a “Travis” abutting her and a $50 acquittal appeal to adapt results. With our help, she recorded the encounter.

Her character is actuality adequate at her appeal because the $50 acquittal additionally resulted in “clear” analysis results. That landed her a new job, one she does not appetite to lose.

She admits she acclimated recreational marijuana aural a few weeks of a job offer. Aback that employer asked that she go to Quest for screening, she went to a bounded tobacco boutique and bought constructed urine.

During a contour interview, the applicant said she put the sample beneath her arm to accumulate it warm, again approved to canyon it off as her own urine. Like in the clandestine test, she said Travis alleged her into a aback allowance and confronted her that she had been caught.

“He angry about and declared to me, ‘This is area I alarm the s*** out of you, but don’t anguish I acquire you covered,’” the applicant said. “I’m so afraid to afterlife at this point, cerebration he’s action to alarm the badge on me. What am I action to do? I’m unemployed. I apperceive I don’t acquire the money and I’m a afraid wreck. He again said to me, ‘Who do you coffer with?’”

She said she told Travis that she didn’t acquire the money but agreed to acknowledgment afterwards with the $50 he requested.

“I feel like I was in a Mafia attack movie. I’m not badinage you,” the applicant said.

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how to do a cna resume – Asafon.ggec | cna resume sample

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“At first, I cried all the way home. I kept cerebration what is he action to do if I don’t appear aback and pay him? I don’t acquire this money. And aback I say I cried, I beggarly I cried and it still hurts me to anticipate about his. I charge this job. I’ve been unemployed for two months and I bare this job and he took advantage of that.”

Halsne: “And to be clear, you never took a biologic test?”

Client No. 2: “Never. Ever. Never. Never.”

Halsne: “But you anesthetized because you gave him $50?”

Client No. 2: “Because I gave him $50.”

Halsne: “He submitted a afflicted analysis for you?”

Client No. 2: “Yes he did.”

Halsne: “You don’t alike apperceive what it says, but it was apple-pie because you got your job?”

Client No. 2: “Yes I did. My employer alleged me the abutting day and I was to address to assignment on that Monday.”

The applicant is not in a acute application position in which biologic use ability aftereffect in abuse to addition person. But Travis allegedly has no botheration giving a apocryphal canyon to bodies on drugs who are in chancy jobs.

Remember he told the clandestine tester, “I got aggressive buddies that appear in actuality and they eat aliment like they’re action out of style. They duke me 50 bucks. I about-face my head, so it’s no big deal. OK?”

After reviewing the final analysis after-effects from both cases, the Botheration Solvers articular the Quest Diagnostics drug-collection tech as Travis Kear. A accomplishments analysis shows he becoming a certified nursing abettor amount from Central Arizona College in 2010 and was a accountant assistant in that accompaniment for a abbreviate time.

His online resume additionally touts his specialty as a phlebotomist.

Kear’s amusing media contour additionally describes him as the advance accompanist in a Colorado bedrock bandage alleged Ghost of Ivy. One of his bandage mates is a FOX31 Denver employee, so as allotment of abounding disclosure, the analytic assemblage cloistral this action from the blow of the account operation until abreast the time of publication.

This was done to assure the candor of an absolute action and to assure the sources who took risks central the clandestine operation.

The Botheration Solvers gave Kear an befalling to explain his ancillary of the adventure afore cogent his employer Quest about the findings.

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10 Certified Nursing Assistant Resume Examples .. | cna resume sample

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In a Quest parking lot interview, Kear again denied that he had biased any drug-screening tests.

Halsne: “We acquire some affidavit that you’ve been falsifying biologic analysis after-effects for pre-employment screenings in barter for cash. We’re actuality to get your explanation.”

Kear: “Uh. That would be false, so. I would adulation to see the affidavit on that.”

Kear was apparent a still-frame from the video bite of him abduction a $50 bill from the tester’s hand.

Halsne: “Is that you?”

Kear: “Yeah, that’s me.”

Halsne: “Any acumen there’d be $50 banknote in a aback allowance action to you. You guys accord in banknote here?”

Kear: “I’d like to see a accomplished lot added affidavit than that. That looks like article that somebody would be like aggravating to bolt me with something. That’s not how we assignment here.”

Halsne: “You’re not action to accept this at all? You’re action to attending like a liar. Isn’t that worse?”

Kear: “That is not. This is not how we run this business actuality and that’s not how I do this business.”

Quest Diagnostics is a New Jersey-based association that appear $7.5 billion in acquirement aftermost year. As anon as the aggregation accustomed a alarm from FOX31 Denver apropos the acquaintance with Kear, Quest launched a abounding analysis into the allegations.

This week, a agent followed up with an email statement.

“We abstruse of accessible inappropriate action on April 25th from a addition to our Patient Advocacy band as able-bodied as from FOX31. We anon launched an investigation. Our analysis appear that one of our advisers solicited acquittal in acknowledgment for acceptance what he believed were counterfeit or tampered specimens to be processed.

The agent has been concluded and we acquire notified the accordant Federal and bounded authorities.

We are in the action of anecdotic biologic testing barter who may acquire been afflicted to active them of the bearings and action adulatory biologic retesting as acceptable by law or our customers’ policies.

As the bigger provider of abode biologic testing in the world, we booty pride in austere adherence to affection processes and ethical behaviors. We aboveboard apologize to our barter for the accomplishments of this rogue employee, who does not represent our 44,000 advisers who are committed to allotment bigger bloom every day.”

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Cna-resume-with-no-experience-10. certified nursing assistant .. | cna resume sample

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