Introducing the Student Federal Resume Sample Database™ - The ...
Introducing the Student Federal Resume Sample Database™ - The ... | usajobs resume sample

Top 9 Trends In Usajobs Resume Sample To Watch | Usajobs Resume Sample


Kathryn Kraemer Troutman and Emily K. Troutman

Introducing the Student Federal Resume Sample Database™ - The ..
Introducing the Student Federal Resume Sample Database™ – The .. | usajobs resume sample

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Job hunters, abnormally adolescent people, about accept agitation abyssal through federal hiring process. All too often, federal job applications are abounding with government jargon, abstruse job titles and requirements allurement for affirmation of your knowledge, abilities and abilities.

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman and Emily K. Troutman, a mother-daughter team, accompany The Post’s Stephen Barr, who writes the Federal Diary column, to altercate federal job hunting and what it takes to acreage appliance in the government on Federal Diary Alive at apex Oct. 13.

Kathryn and Emily Troutman are the authors of “The Student’s Federal Career Guide: 10 Accomplish to Acquisition and Win Top Government Jobs and Internships.” Kathryn Troutman is admiral of The Resume Place and trains federal advisers on career advance and resume writing. She is the columnist of “Ten Accomplish to a Federal Job” and the “Federal Resume Guidebook.” Emily Troutman is a alum of the Academy of the Atlantic and is alive on a master’s in accessible action at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. She is an beat biographer for the Minnesota Daily newspaper.

The archetype follows.

Editor’s Note: moderators absorb beat ascendancy over Alive Online discussions and accept the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.


Stephen Barr: Acknowledgment to all abutting in this altercation today, abnormally our guests, Kathryn and Emily Troutman. To get us started today, Kathryn and Emily, let’s activate with an overview of what acceptance charge to apperceive aback attractive for assignment in the government. Again, acknowledgment for abutting in this altercation today.

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: Hello and acceptable to our altercation today on Federal Jobs and Internships for Students!

Emily and I aloof co-authored and appear a book on this topic: Student’s Federal Career Guide, Ten Accomplish for Top Jobs & Internships in Government! While alive on the book, we abstruse the best important accomplish for acceptance to auspiciously administer for federal jobs and internships.

Step 1: Networking – Who do you know?Step 2: Acquisition your Bureau and Job TitleStep 3: Internship informationStep 4: Understand Federal Jobs – Ambition Your Grade and SalaryStep 5: Acquisition the best Abstraction AnnouncementsStep 6: Abode your Federal & Cyberbanking REsumeStep 7: WRite outstanding KSAsStep 8: Administer for Federal JobsStep 9: Clue & Aftereffect on ApplicationsStep 10: Account and Acreage the Job!

That’s what we abstruse aback assay and autograph this book!We can abode added about the accomplish as we acknowledgment your questions. Kathryn


Washington, D.C.: Hi. Wouldn’t it be wiser to use your academy adjustment appointment to align an internship? I accept best of them accept bureau to beacon their acceptance into pre-professional training programs.

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: USING YOUR COLLEGE PLACEMENT OFFICE FOR INTERNSHIPS. Yes, it’s a abundant abstraction to use your Academy Adjustment Appointment becuase they apparently (or could have) relationships set up with some federal agencies. But you can additionally go anon to the agency’s website to assay federal internships. They apparently / ability not acquaint the internship admonition on, so you can do your own assay at the bureau of your choice. Using the academy adjustment appointment and your own assay is best! Kathryn


Herndon, Va.: Are best of these jobs in city D.C.?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: STUDENT JOBS AND INTERNSHIPS / LOCATION: You can chase for jobs by geographic arena on Abounding of these jobs are in DC, but there are jobs in the 10 Regional Cities, as able-bodied as in locations throughout the U.S. If you accept a federal bureau in mind, you can go to that agency’s website and attending for their internship diplomacy description.

Here are a few of the Internship websites that we activate in our assay for the book and CD. We activate 75 of these. Kathryn

Internships, Summer Jobs, Scholarships, and Special Hiring Diplomacy WebsitesDepartments of Government and Internships / Job Information

1. Department of Agriculture http://www.usda.govInternships & assets for Academy Students: & assets for Recent Grads & Experienced Professionals: & assets w/ USDA for Alum Students:

2. Center for Medicare & Medicaid http://www.cms.govFellowships & Apprentice Appliance Opportunities:

3. Center for Medicare & Medicaid http://www.cms.govSpecial Programs for Acceptance and Internships:


Arlington, Va.: Hello. I brainstorm that agencies accept lots of acceptance applying for internships. How do you get accomplished the aboriginal awning or two and get your bottom in the door?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: GETTING PAST THE FIRST SCREEN OR TWO FOR INTERNSHIPS. Yes, you are right, they accept abounding federal resumes and applications. But you would be afraid that if your resume is outstanding with a abundant awning letter, your amalgamation could angle out. Aboriginal with the Apprentice Human Assets Recruiter … afresh the hiring supervisor. Be abiding to add the key words, competencies and courses that they are allurement for in the announcement! You could see accomplished samples of apprentice resumes — so that you get it right, on the CD-ROM of our book. Kathryn

Emily K. Troutman: Accession acceptable way to get accomplished the aboriginal screening annular is to accomplish abiding you accept solid, accordant experience. Of course, lots of acceptance don’t accept assignment experience. But if you’ve taken any accordant classes or formed on accordant projects, you appetite to absolutely account them on your resume. For example, if you are applying to an internship at the National Park Service, accomplish abiding you acknowledgment your backpacking acquaintance or science classes.

Emily K. Troutman: Accession acceptable way to get accomplished the aboriginal screening annular is to accomplish abiding you accept solid, accordant experience. Of course, lots of acceptance don’t accept assignment experience. But if you’ve taken any accordant classes or formed on accordant projects, you appetite to absolutely account them on your resume. For example, if you are applying to an internship at the National Park Service, accomplish abiding you acknowledgment your backpacking acquaintance or science classes.

Usa Jobs Federal Resume - Resume Ideas - usajobs resume sample
Usa Jobs Federal Resume – Resume Ideas – usajobs resume sample | usajobs resume sample

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Falls Church, Va.: What are the best accepted mistakes fabricated on federal resumes aback autograph about job experience, abnormally if best of that acquaintance has been academy activity or advance activity related?


1. Length – the Federal resume can be 2-3 pages. Best clandestine industry / business / apprentice resumes are a awash one folio version.

2. Arbitrary of Abilities – applicants can add a arbitrary of their best accordant abilities (that bout the abstraction advertisement requirements)

3. Key Words from the Announcements – acceptance and all applicants should abstraction the “duties” and “qualifications” carefully, so that they can aces up any accent that will be advantageous in their resume as well.and…

4. Add Compliance Capacity such as: Social Aegis Number, Citizenship, antecedent federal government acquaintance or aggressive experience. For anniversary assignment acquaintance the HR specialists crave admonition about the artery address, supervisor’s name and phone, salary.

The Student’s Federal Career Guide and CD includes 14 accomplished samples of Federal “paper” and cyberbanking resumes for the on-line applications. The RESUME IS ALL IMPORTANT. It is the application! Please booty your time and accomplish it as acceptable as possible! Do your assay and bout your acquaintance to the resume! Kathryn


Jacksonville, Fla.: I accept a acceptable acquaintance with a BA in Accounting who is additionally Hispanic. He activated for an accessible position actuality at Jacksonville over one year agao and never heard a chatter from anyone. He’s allurement what the ‘Veterans Preference Number’ is that the appliance anatomy requests that the appellant ample in and breadth does he apprentice of it to comply?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: APPLIED A YEAR AGO / VETERANS PREFERENCE NO. I achievement that your acquaintance is applying to added positions and not cat-and-mouse for this one. That’s the game, you abode your best application, actuate your job appellation (Accounting Specialist is corect for him I think), and afresh abide to as abounding agencies as you can find. Sounds like he has activated to Navy, Army and added agencies that are in the Florida area.

But again, the resume needs to accommodate his accounting courses, accounting projects and accordant abilities so that he WILL STAND OUT IN A STACK OF RESUMES!

Veteran’s admonition would alone affect if he was in the military. Otherwise, he would acknowledge with Not Applicable. The Federal HR specialists accumulate clue of veterans applications carefully. Kathryn


Falls Church, Va.: How can you accept a acceptable resume amalgamation aback best or all of your job acquaintance comes from academy accompanying projects?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: SCHOOL RELATED PROJECTS CONVERT INTO GREAT STUDENT FEDERAL RESUMES! You can accept a abundant federal resume, alike admitting you do not accept job acquaintance that is related. Acceptance can add this admonition to their resumes:

Advance titles and descriptions (short version) Titles of projects and affidavit with descriptions Activity capacity are great! In fact, abode about the project, the title, the teamwork and the results! Activities are accessible and authenticate added competencies, including: TEAMWORK, MULTI-TASKING, PLANNING, COORDINATION, LEADERSHIP. Internships – hopefully, you accept one!

Remember that a Apprentice Federal Resume can be 2 pages.This is your best important resume! To get your carer started! Booty your time assay your ambition jobs! Kathryn


St. Louis, Mo.: Is it added difficult to be advised for a job if you are still in alum school?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: STILL IN GRADUATE SCHOOL. This is a abundant time to administer for federal jobs and internship. The Presidential Management Advisers diplomacy is aloof about to abutting — this would be a abundant one for you, if you are in your aftermost year.

Here is admonition on the PMF program. Aback is the borderline for applying?A: The PMF appliance charge be completed by Friday, October 15, 2004, Midnight, Eastern Time.

Well, this is acceptable admonition for you anyway. And there are added internships additionally – Federal Career Internships.

Emily has acumen into the PMF diplomacy additionally — She aloof submitted herself! Kathryn

Emily K. Troutman: PMF may not be the best advantage for you now because you absolutely accept to be nominated by your school. You could ask your career casework appointment if they partcipate in the diplomacy or if they would be accommodating to appoint you.

Otherwise, it’s about EASIER to get a paid internship while you are still in school. The government calls their entry-level training programs “Internships”, so don’t be fooled, you CAN accomplish money. Assay out the internship pages on the websites of agencies you ability be absorbed in. Or assay out our book, “The Student’s Federal Career Guide”, we accept included a CD-ROM with links to agencies and their internship programs.


Resume Example For Usa Jobs. Resume. Ixiplay Free Resume ..
Resume Example For Usa Jobs. Resume. Ixiplay Free Resume .. | usajobs resume sample

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Manassas, Va.: Ms. Troutman (Kathryn): I’ve afresh apprehend two of your books and accept activated them to my federal job hunt. They accept been best helpful, and I appetite to acknowledge you for that. Afore account your books, my federal resumes were not alone rejected, but did not alike accomplish it accomplished the first, say, “filter process.” Now, I accept responses such as “your appliance has been referred to the selecting officer” and such, which I accept is a notable improvement. The botheration is, as weeks and months canyon by, I don’t apperceive if or aback a being has been assassin for those positions. How continued charge one delay to acquisition out if the position has been taken, and who should be the acquaintance person?Furthermore, if one is contacted for an interview, what should one expect? Is a federal account agnate to one in the clandestine sector?Thank you for demography my questions. Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: CONGRATULATIONS – GETTING THERE ! It’s time for TRACK AND FOLLOW-UP! I’m animated the books helped you with your fedres and KSAs! It does booty the HR specialists 30 canicule at the atomic to get aback to you. And in my Ten Step book and in the Apprentice book, our Step 8 tells you how to clue and aftereffect on applications. And then, of course, you should be applying for added jobs and not cat-and-mouse for responses.

Some announcements, you cannot aftereffect on, but some you can. Save the anncts and alarm the name and cardinal on the annct to see what is happening. Some abstraction announcements are alone due to problems in the system; added anncts may not allure abundant applicants (believe it or not).

If you can administer to two jobs per week, that’s a acceptable average. And accession cardinal is SUBMIT 30 APPLICATIONS, afresh achievement that interviews, and addendum from selecting admiral will be appearing!

INTERVIEWING? It could be by phone, or in-person. It could be with one person, two or a panel. Be able by alive the job, the agency, the mission and how you can admonition accomplish this mission. Practice your best examples and apperceive your strengths. Acceptable luck and accumulate applying. Acknowledgment for autograph about how advantageous the books accept been. I’m animated that the samples helped! Kathryn


Kentlands, Md: I apprehension you accept a KSA architect on your website. Can you say article about what are KSAs and how important are they for a acceptable package? Thanks. Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: LISTEN TO OUR RADIO SHOW ABOUT KSA WRITING WITH MIKE CAUSEY TOO!

KSA BUILDER ON — YES, THANKS FOR ASKING. Our accepted KSA Architect helps KSA writers focus on their best examples! Please go advanced and try out the KSA builder.

And if you accept time to accept to Your Turn with Mike Causey, Emily and I allocution about KSA autograph on this archived radio appearance from Oct. 11th. Actuality is the web address. Emily talks about her acquaintance in autograph her PMF KSAs on the air. It’s actual good! Kathryn

Accept to the Archives of Kathryn & Emily talking with Mike Causey about Apprentice Federal Jobs and Internships. Accept to the Oct. 11th appearance YOUR TURN on Federal News Radio.


Gaithersburg, Md.: My son afresh accelerating college. His above is All-embracing Diplomacy. He has taken 2 years of Arabic. I apprehend that the State Dept, NSA, maybe CIA and FBI would be acceptable choices for him to attending at for internships or jobs. What are some of the added agencies he could consider?

Emily K. Troutman: Your son should additionally accede intelligence opportunities in the armed forces… that doesn’t beggarly he’ll accept to enlist! The Air Force, Army, Navy, etc. about appoint bodies with Arabic skills. With two years of Arabic, he’s apparently a alpha Intermediate apostle (unlike French or Spanish, in Arabic two semesters equals alone one of accession language). He may appetite to accede activity aback to academy to abstraction Arabic specifically. If he doesn’t appetite to do translating, he may appetite to advance added ability in Middle Eastern diplomacy and get a Master’s in policy, history or language. That ability accord him added opportunities in diplomacy analysis.


Alexandria, Va.: I accept a codicillary action from an appointment at USAID for a position that I really, absolutely appetite and am currently cat-and-mouse for a aegis clearance. The appointment told me that they had requested a acting clearance, yet it’s been about 2 months and I haven’t heard anything. My accepted employer wants to apperceive if I’ll be abrogation and when…is there any way that I can get added admonition about the cachet of my clearance? Any tips for affective the action along?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: CONDITIONAL OFFER FROM USAID. Well, that’s abundant – I think. The clearances do booty awhile and it is SO SLOW. But I am absolutely appearance they are alive on it. Do you accept a blast cardinal or name of the being who interviewed you, or the HR peson’s name? You do charge to acquaintance them and get some added capacity for the account of your employer now. Any admonition could admonition you … alike if it is slow. As continued as you apperceive it’s moving, that’s good.Good luck, I achievement it works out, Kathryn


Germantown, Md.: Hi, every time I accept approved to administer for a government job, you charge accept a aegis clearance. I apperceive that it takes about two years to assay a person’s background, but I was wondering, do you apperceive breadth I can administer for a aegis approval afore I administer for a government job? Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: DON’T HAVE A SECURITY CLEARANCE?It doesn’t booty 2 years, I’m blessed for that. It does booty 6 to 9 months. If you see a abstraction advertisement for a job that requires a aegis clearance, it ability additionally say, “Must be able to access a aegis clearance.” This bureau that you can administer for this if you apperceive advanced of time that you will be able to access a clearance. They will appoint you temporarily, or activate the approval for you if you accomplish it through the hiring process.

You can’t administer for a aegis approval on your own. You can get the approval through the government, aggressive or a aegis contractor. So you aloof accept to acquisition these jobs and administer for them … and activate this process.

That’s why it’s abundant to alpha this in college. Acknowledgment for writing. Kathryn


Stamford, Conn.: The majority of the bodies I accept announced to from Academy Career Counselors, to HR bodies accept all said go online, but I’ve activate it actual confusing. Do you anticipate this is acceptable advice? Can you advance annihilation abroad I should be accomplishing in accession to attractive into USAJOBS? In accession I’ve apprehend that the majority of jobs out there are not activate online. Do you anticipate this is true, and does that approach administer to federal jobs?

Emily K. Troutman: USAJOBS is absolutely breadth best federal jobs can be found. However, that doesn’t beggarly it’s easy! USAJOBS doesn’t absolutely action a aesthetic chase program… which is to say that experts at USAJOBS absolutely acclaim that the best way to acquisition a job is to chase for ALL JOBS and apprehend anniversary announcement. Yeah, right! That would booty a lifetime.

If you can attenuated your chase at all, you will acquisition abundant bigger results. Try to attenuated aboriginal by Geography, by selecting breadth you appetite to live. Afresh try absorption your chase by salary, if you are a new alum you ability appetite to access $26,000 to $70,000.

The best way to attenuated your chase and acquisition acceptable announcements is to baddest agencies that attending promising. That bureau activity anon to anniversary bureau and accomplishing a little assay into their mission. Acceptable luck!

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: TRY AVUECENTRAL.COM. This is accession website breadth government jobs are listed. And it’s free. This armpit will accommodate Dept. of Homeland Aegis Jobs, Forest SErvice, Library of Congress and all agencies. They accept a acceptable on-line resume architect and contour system. You can attending for jobs here.

Understanding the abstraction announcements IS ANOTHER MATTER. One tip that I can accord you is this: attending for job announcements with a ambit of grade: GS-7 through 9. or added ambit of grades!Good luck with your search! Kathryn


Federal Resume Template -14  Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download ..
Federal Resume Template -14 Free Word, Excel, PDF Format Download .. | usajobs resume sample

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Norwalk, Conn.: How continued does the hiring action usually take?

Emily K. Troutman: Acceptable question! I could accord you some numbers, but they’re about useless. It absolutely absolutely depends on the job to which you are applying. Anytime there is a aegis clearance, you can calculation on 6 months to a YEAR afore you are hired. However, some job processes go faster based on how atrocious the government is and how automated their action is.

You can absolutely bet that it will booty at atomic alert as continued as clandestine industry. Clashing clandestine businesses, managers in government charge go through lots of paperwork to accomplish abiding their hiring decisions are fair. Be abiding to alpha early!


Fairfax, Va.: I’m currently in federal account as a GS-7 and will accomplishment my Master’s in 3 years. I’ve heard about the Presidential Management Advisers program, but heard that the advisers alpha out as a GS-9. I will be a GS-11 aback I accomplishment my Master’s, so should I still administer then?

Emily K. Troutman: That depends on whether you’re accommodating to booty a pay cut. The PMF diplomacy varies for anniversary person. If you are proactive and acquisition a actual accomplished position in PMF that allows you to biking amid agencies and accept admired training, it may be account it. If you get a PMF position that is basically an entry-level job, it may not be account it.

PMF is a affectionate of training program. So its amount to you absolutely depends on what affectionate of training you get. I don’t apperceive what your job is now, but PMF may accord you the befalling to alpha a altered career path. I anticipate you should accede applying and see what opens up!

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: THANK YOU FOR WRITING EVERYONE! I achievement that we helped you with your Apprentice Federal job searches!

Please appointment for admonition on the Ten Accomplish and the Student’s Federal Career Guide.

The capital website for federal resume autograph and the chargeless newsletter is www.resume-place.comTelephone (888) 480 8265 for information.

The book is accessible at bookstores everywhere … advancing to amazon anon … and

Good luck with your federal job searches! Kathryn Troutman, Federal Career Coach


Connecticut: Hi,I’m a 2004 academy graduate, with a above in All-embracing Relations and Hispanic Studies. I’m actual absorbed in award an entry-level position in the Federal Government, but I’ve been award it difficult to acquisition them. I was told that the best way is to booty the adopted account exam, do you agree? and Do you accept any admonition on how to accretion an entry-level position?

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS MAJOR / HISPANIC STUDIES. You accept abounding job opportunities. Emily can acquaint you about the Adopted Account Assay and all-embracing job ideas, based on her own assay and experience. Kathryn


Alexandria, Va.: Which agencies run the better apprentice programs? How do you acquisition out about them? Acknowledge you.

Kathryn Kraemer Troutman: LARGEST AGENCIES THAT HIRE STUDENTS! Abundant Question!

I am not absolute (sorry) for abiding which ones are the largest, but anticipation from the account and the homelane aegis issues, I would advance that you searchg for internship at these sites:

8. Dept. of Health & Human Casework http://www.hhs.govInternships & Apprentice Appliance Opportunities:

11. Dept. of the Interior http://www.doi.govCareer Internships for Recent Grads:

17. Dept. of Veterans Diplomacy Opportunities: & Apprentice Appliance Opportunities:Independent U.S. Agencies

9. Dept. of Homeland Aegis Opportunities: & Internships

There are abounding more. We did this assay recently, so the web addresses should be good! Every bureau has a Apprentice HR Recruiter that you can abode to! Kathryn


Stephen Barr: Our acknowledgment to Kathryn and Emily Troutman for demography questions today. We had abounding added questions than we could acknowledgment in this hour. Acknowledgment to all of you account this transcript, too. We’ll be aback actuality at apex abutting Wednesday. Please accompany us!


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federal jobs resume samples – Asafon.ggec | usajobs resume sample

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