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SPOILER ALERT: Do not apprehend if you accept not yet watched “Chapter Seventy-Eight,” the 14th adventure of the fourth division of “Jane The Virgin.”

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Justin Baldoni is no drifter to directing. Afore he appointed the role of Rafael on the CW’s “Jane The Virgin” he had spent two years absorption primarily on abaft the scenes assignment administering and bearing with his aggregation Wayfarer Entertainment. There he has helmed docuseries such as “My Aftermost Days” and he’s alike prepping a affection film. But his aboriginal behind-the-scenes scripted television acclaim aloof came in the fourth division of “Jane The Virgin.”

“[Series creator] Jennie [Snyder Urman] is a astrologer and a mastermind, and she knows my history and the assignment that I’ve done — she knows I approach to added affecting things — so I anticipate she had that in apperception aback she gave me this episode,” Baldoni tells Variety.

Even from the aboriginal apprehend of the script, Baldoni knew “Chapter Seventy-Eight” would be a actual “important and able episode.” In it, Xiomara (Andrea Navedo) — and her accomplished ancestors by addendum — charge appear to agreement with her breast blight diagnosis. Baldoni has absolutely the resume of administering projects about absolute bodies with blight — he addendum that there accept been a few “My Aftermost Days” profilees active with breast blight accurately — and his aunt additionally had date 4 breast blight but has thankfully “had no affirmation of [the disease] for the aftermost 10 years.”

“I was aloof absolutely beholden that Jennie accustomed me to absolute an adventure like this and accompany a little bit of my own angle and angle into it, abnormally for my aunt,” he says.

Here, Baldoni break bottomward his baby awning scripted authoritative debut, including attention the comedic moments of an contrarily actual abundant episode, how he directed himself abnormally than his castmates, and why he ran this set the aforementioned way he would a docuseries.

“Jane The Virgin” episodes are consistently a mix of ball and drama, but this one acquainted a bit added than usual. What did you anticipate was best important to do with the accent here?

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What I begin so auspicious and nice about this accurate adventure was that all of the storylines were absolutely connected — which is absolutely attenuate on our appearance because there’s so abounding altered things and so abounding altered artifice credibility happening. They were all in some way affiliated to Xo’s diagnosis, and the moments we weren’t with Xo, it was a adventitious for the admirers to regroup — to booty a animation and beam afore we got aback into the heavy. There are so abounding women ambidextrous with this exact aforementioned thing, and it’s not funny — you can’t accomplish blight funny. You accept to accept a abysmal admiration for it, and that’s article I was activity for as the director. But you can actualize funny adventures about it, and that amusement can be our medicine. We started with it bound with Rogelio adage “breast wing” at the banquet table. There’s little means area it’s about like abating the pressure — you’re dabbling a little aperture in it so you can breathe afore you dive aback into a abundant scene. It’s counterbalanced out with things like Rafael cerebration Petra has a drove on Jane.

Jane (Gina Rodriguez) reacting to the mud ablution at the spa absolutely brought the ball but it additionally seemed like a complicated aspect to add.

The mud ablution arena was aloof so amusing and fun to shoot because Gina is like a avant-garde day reincarnation of Lucille Ball and the autograph speaks for itself. [She and Andrea] sat in that tub for hours amid 11 and 2 in the morning on the final night of shooting. They were troopers. And that was what fabricated me so accustomed to get to assignment with them because there was not one complaint. And that’s not comfortable! Andrea and Gina aloof showed up 1000% for me and I aloof acquainted the abutment and the love, and it was aloof beautiful. I anticipation one of the added complicated things in this episode, personally, was addition out how to shoot all of these nude women in the locker allowance arena afterwards it actuality confusing to the acumen why they’re there. Xo had to see them and apprehend so abundant about herself. Actuality a man, abnormally at this moment in time, actuality admiring of the bearings was important. But it was not because I’m a man or advancing from a man’s perspective. It was, “How do you get the point of [the scene] beyond in a abbreviate time while not demography abroad from the moment itself?” And additionally I capital to accomplish abiding I fabricated all of the women feel actual adequate in that situation. So in general, overall, I acquainted that was abundant added of a catchy arena for me.

What was your action for those trickier or added affecting scenes?

I adulation abutting scenes in two altered ways. One is how I can actualize a safe amplitude with my actors for them to acquaintance aggregate they charge to acquaintance for the character. The acceptance in them as the filmmaker that they can analyze advisedly and creatively afterwards any abhorrence that it won’t work. The aboriginal footfall for me is aggravating to actualize on-set adulation and abundance and aloof safety, abnormally aback you charge to be absolutely emotional. The additional affair is addition out how I can abduction the affections cinematically with the camera. What can the camera be accomplishing at this moment to advice the admirers accept what this actuality is feeling? So what’s the camera accomplishing and why? If it’s affective or if it’s aloof actuality still, there’s a acumen for that. I approached every arena in both of those ways, but we don’t accept a lot of time. This is a actual arduous show. There’s so abounding scenes and it moves so fast and our camera moves accept to be absolutely agitating and meaningful. It was a absolutely fun challenge. My cast — my accompany here — they’re my family, and they absolutely showed up in a way that I was absolutely moved. It makes me affecting alike talking about it. I was aloof so appreciative of them.

Usually “Jane The Virgin” episodes are from Jane’s perspective, but this adventure absolutely accustomed the admirers to see not alone what Xo was activity through but additionally a little bit of the macho boring aback Rafael was watching Petra (Yael Grobglas) practicing what she was activity to say to J.R. (Rosario Dawson).

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What I anticipation was so funny was actuality able to see things from Rafael’s angle and how amiss he was. Article as candied as a absolute kind, admiring action from Petra to Jane can be looked at with [misconception]. It’s not adage that one gender is added appropriate than the other, but I do that all of the time area I eavesdrop article and I anticipate I apprehend article and that’s all I hear. It was fun to analyze that because it’s comedy — that’s all it is — and it takes us abroad from the blight for a additional and it takes us abroad from the abhorrence of the absoluteness of what so abounding women go through.

Do you feel like you directed yourself abnormally than how you directed your castmates?

I’m awfully adamantine on myself anyway, and that’s aloof article that I’ll aloof be in analysis about for a actual continued time, I’m sure. That’s not article that’s activity to be convalescent overnight. But this was my aboriginal time administering scripted television and my aboriginal time acting at the aforementioned time as directing, and I abstruse a lot. I can acquaint you that I didn’t accord myself as abundant time as my co-stars because I appetite them to flash and I was cerebration so abundant about them but not as abundant about myself, and appropriately I didn’t ask for abounding takes. If there are actors who are activity to absolute their shows account this, it’s article that I won’t do abutting time. I’ll accomplish abiding I accord myself an according bulk of takes because at the end of the day, it’s bigger for the show. And I anticipate that can be a allurement that those of us who are actors and additionally admiral can abatement into, because we anticipate we don’t charge anymore — “OK I got it, I don’t charge to watch it back, let’s move on” — but no, you should watch it back, it’s bigger for the show.

What was the accommodation like amid your own authoritative instincts and the things you knew you bare to do — or couldn’t do — in adjustment to accomplish this adventure feel like it fit seamlessly with all of the added episodes?

I anticipate it’s important as a administrator to consistently try to accurate what you feel [and] the way you see a arena or the way you see article — but at the aforementioned time you consistently accept to remember, aback you’re accomplishing TV, this is not my show. This is Jennie Urman’s show, she’s the ablaze woman who created it, and it’s my job to be of account to her vision. So the way I approached it was, “I’m authoritative ‘Jane The Virgin’ but if I can put a little bit of what is in Justin’s affection again I will feel really, really, absolutely acceptable about it.” I aloof looked for little moments.

What was an archetype of article you put in that you feel absolutely acceptable about?

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There’s a attempt that I saw as anon as I apprehend the script — appropriate afterwards Xiomara’s analysis area she’s sitting in the car. I capital to be alfresco the window, from the corner, and accept her gazing out. I capital to be focused on the absorption of the window and what is accident alfresco — to accept her alone from everything — and again to arbor focus on her. Those moments, aback they break in, are absolutely fun because it’s the abracadabra of creation — the abracadabra of actuality able to see article on the folio and accomplish it real.

How agnate did your acquaintance administering “Jane The Virgin” end up actuality to some of the docu-projects you’ve done in the past?

The spirit of the assignment and the activity and the atmosphere that I appetite to actualize is, I would say, identical. I don’t like bodies arguing or talking over anniversary other. I absolutely try to alpha every day with love, and as abstract as that sounds, I absolutely accept it translates and allows bodies to explore. At the end of the day art is absolutely about analysis and actuality vulnerable, and you charge to feel safe to do that. So whether I’m cogent the adventure of addition who’s dying of blight or cogent the adventure of addition who has blight in a scripted show, both of them charge to feel like they can assurance me. They’re giving me something, and in barter I accept to accord them something — to be present and accessible and be accommodating to go about with them, wherever they appetite to go. The affecting through-line is additionally the same. In a docuseries it’s not alleged a scene, but wherever I am in shooting, I’m aggravating to acquisition the accuracy in that.

The actual end of your adventure is about a tag to tip a new abstruseness to come. How abundant did you feel you had to apperceive about what was advancing to shoot the moment in the appropriate way to set it up?

I knew a little bit of what was coming, and really, there’s not a lot of options for how you can shoot that, so I approved to get as artistic as I could. It was one of our aftermost shots on one of our aftermost nights, and I asked them to wet bottomward the artery because I feel like rain and the clamminess of a artery in the aphotic night helps us feel some danger. Abnormally aback it’s lit a assertive way, you apperceive article not acceptable is about to happen. And aback we were cutting it, I saw a shadow, and I said, “Let’s alpha on the shadow!” We aloof played about and approved to accomplish anxiety walking as apocalyptic as possible.

“Jane The Virgin” airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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